Texas Essentials: Abbey Road, Queen of the Honky-Tonks 

by Lisa Davis on August 9, 2019 in Lifestyle, Living Texas, Music,
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Abbey Road is reviving Texas dance halls and breathing new life into their old, legendary bones.

Although born in Ohio, Road moved to Texas in 1976 has spent much of her life keeping iconic Texas dance halls filled with music, dancing and entertainment. She always had a passion for music—with a name like hers, how could she not? Eventually, she turned the feeling into a career.  

Road went on to work for Austin’s Threadgills and as an on-air personality at Sun Radio and KOKE FM. However, her love for old dance halls was unwavering and, in 2017, she purchased the Coupland Inn & Dance Hall

Abbey Road isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the kitchen every weekend when the Coupland Dance Hall opens for business. Photo courtesy Laurel Coyle Photographs

Located 30 miles outside Austin, the Coupland Inn & Dance Hall was built in 1904 and has seen its share of changes over the last century: From its start as a mercantile company, to a drugstore, to doctors, dentists and even a telephone company calling it home, it has had multiple lives. Since 1991, the dance hall has been the backdrop for music videos of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pat Green and Kevin Fowler

The high energy Road is also the co-owner of the legendary Devil’s Backbone Tavern and also serves as an advisor to the events committee of the nonprofit Texas Dance Hall Preservation.  

We wanted to know what this boot-scootin’ entrepreneur and purveyor of all things dance hall never leaves home without — also known as her Texas Essentials.

Abbey Road packs her essentials from three pairs of readers that help her keep up with shows and events to sweet Coupland tea. Photo courtesy Abbey Road

Three Pairs of Readers and My Sunglasses 

So I can see!

My iPhone and iPad Pro

The BIG  iPad. Lol. Everyone always says.. That’s the biggest iPad in the universe!  I’m constantly checking calendars and booking shows and events etc, it’s 24/7. I have to have my calendar, ticketing platform and band offer app with me always. Hence the need for readers! 

My Passport and SWA Miles 🙂

Ya never know…I may have to hop a plane at any minute and checkout for a day. My world goes nonstop.


These days, it’s my go-to for taking a quick first listen to a band I’ve never heard before.

20 oz Cup of Coupland Sweet Tea

Because it’s THAT good!

Pillow and Blanket 

These are in my carry-on when I travel. I’m an exit row/window girl. I used to be a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines (many, many moons ago), so I’m a lifetime, card-carrying evacuation expert. They don’t offer pillows/ blankets on most flights anymore and I love to sleep on the plane :). Linus in the sky 🙂

Cover: Abbey Road, Photo courtesy Laurel Coyle Photographs

Lisa Davis lives in Austin and is the Editorial Assistant for Texas Lifestyle Magazine and dual honors graduate of Concordia University Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations.