Texas Essentials: Houston’s Debra Myers, Creator of Enfusia and Muscle Rehab

by Gracie Watt on January 11, 2021 in Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Houston,

If your New Year’s resolutions include staying healthy and relaxed, then Debra Myers is here to help!

As the Houston-based CEO and founder of companies Enfusia and Muscle Rehab, which create health and relaxation products for Texans and beyond, Myers faced a major challenge in 2020.

During the pandemic, like many businesses, Myers’ artisan bath and body products brand, Enfusia, pivoted production to meet consumer needs. Enfusia geared its factory almost overnight to make hand sanitizer and an all-new product no one could’ve anticipated needing—Cloth Mask Refresher Spray.

The spray, made with natural essential oils, went from idea to shelf in under a month and has sold over 125,000 units.

Born in Florida, Myers now considers Texas home. “We ended up in Texas which is a place I love dearly and cannot imagine leaving,” Myers says. Photo courtesy Gustavo Huerta, Houston Chronicle

In the best-selling week, one retailer sold over 2,000 Enfusia mask sprays. It now sells in HEB, Central Market, Market Street, Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage and Amazon, with Enfusia working overtime to keep the product in stock. Other Enfusia products range from bath bombs and salts, to lip balm and more. (Check out the Muscle Rehab Bath Bombs and Salts in our holiday gift guide.)

Myers was inspired to create Enfusia from a personal struggle with stress-induced eczema. She often found herself frustrated with traditional bath and body products as the typical harsh chemicals and fragrances worsened her condition. Using her background as a medical aesthetician and cosmetologist, Myers started the process right in her own kitchen, developing better products for her and for others dealing with skin conditions.

“Failure is not the opposite of success. In fact, if you are a true friend to yourself (as you are to others) you will encourage yourself to take risks. Love deeply in all things as passion spurs creativity and energy,” Myers says.
Photo courtesy Enfusia Team

Soon after, this mission-driven entrepreneur partnered with an herbalist and chemist to develop a line, leading to the beginnings of Enfusia in 2008. Flash forward to today, the company now occupies a 9,000-square-foot facility in The Woodlands. Being FDA Registered and NSF Certified assures consumers that Enfusia’s manufacturing process has been determined to comply with national standards for safety, quality, sustainability and performance.

As for the inspiration behind her Muscle Rehab line, Myers started experimenting with “cocktails” of essential oils and Epsom salt after multiple running injuries in 2018. “I wanted something that really could aid with the recovery process. And I was determined to have each ingredient provide real benefits,” this keen runner says. 

The Muscle Rehab line now includes bath bombs and USP Epsom soaks that are infused with 10 essential oils and specifically targeted toward on-set muscle soreness and lactic acid build up. This means that not only athletes benefit, but anyone with muscle soreness can enjoy a relaxing soak. 

Enfusia creates fabulous products using natural ingredients to help you make every bath beautiful. Rejuvenate, restore, and renew while smelling great. Photo courtesy Enfusia Team

While both lines have found great success, Myers tells us that it wasn’t always an easy journey. She says something she is proudest of is “surviving and thriving despite incredible competitive pressures and customers ‘borrowing’ ideas and marketing them as their own.” 

Enfusia and Muscle Rehab are gearing up for 2021 and plan to continue innovation in the sports recovery space and grow shower presence with Body Scrubs and soaps. Myers also has a personal New Year’s resolution: To enjoy the daily blessings God has given her to be creative. “Life is super hard, but I find if you take just a moment or two each day to look out the window and see nature and its beauty, your heart and spirits will be lifted”. 

We wanted to know what Myers is bringing into 2021 to help her continue to thrive, aka, her Texas Essentials. 

Photo courtesy Ashley Lennington

Bible App on my phone

This helps with my new year’s resolution to enjoy the daily blessings God has given me to be creative.

Enfusia Eucalyptus Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is made by hand with a skin-softening formula.

IT Perfect Pink Lip Balm

There’s a great story behind this brand, too.


I really like cute ones, like a cat print or rhinestones.

Enfusia Cloth Mask Refresher Spray

Our Cloth Face Mask Spray went from idea to shelf in under 21 days and we’ve since sold more than 125,000 sprays.

Cover photo courtesy Enfusia Team

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