Texas Essentials – Kathleen Navarro, Miss Texas Latina 2019

by Gabi De la Rosa on May 2, 2019 in Lifestyle, Living Texas, Houston,
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Kathleen Navarro is one of the few women in Texas who legitimately has a crown as one of her wardrobe staples.

The Houston native was crowned Miss Texas Latina 2019 in March after completing her reign as Miss Houston Latina in 2018.

Although many pageant title holders have been competing for years, Navarro has only competed in three pageants and took home the coveted crown in two of them. Currently a student working towards a degree in business and finance, Navarro hopes to accomplish a lot as Miss Texas Latina.

“I want to encourage others to be who they are and be proud of where they come from. I want young women my age to never be afraid to pursue their dreams,” says Navarro.

As one of her pageant dresses, Miss Texas Latina 2019 Kathleen Navarro chose to wear a dress displaying her Mexican heritage. Photo courtesy Horande Photo

As a title holder, Navarro is out in the community meeting people and exploring Texas more than she ever has before. “The diversity that we have throughout our state is really amazing, and I am always meeting really great people with interesting backgrounds,” she says.

Does Miss Texas Latina take her crown with her wherever she goes? We sat down with Navarro to find out about her Texas Essentials.

Miss Texas Latina Sash

Of course, I have to bring my sash along with me wherever I go. A lot of times I get invited to events which are right before work or after school, so I like to stay ready.

As Kathleen Navarro gets out in the community meeting people she says, “I want to encourage others to be who they are and be proud of where they come from.” The Houston native was crowned Miss Texas Latina 2019 in March. Courtesy photo


I ALWAYS have a pair of earrings in my purse for the times I am in a rush and forget to put some on. Right now, I am loving statement pieces – this pair I’m wearing is from Rocksbox.


I usually switch them up depending on what outfit I am wearing. Lately I have been in love with red sunglasses from Aldo, because they give me diva vibes.

Candy or Chocolate

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth; I almost always have a little treat in my bag.

Houston Bicycle Ride Cards

I am an ambassador for Houston BCycle, a nonprofit organization that provides an alternative means of transportation, so when I see anyone renting out a bike, I can gift them with a free ride.

Lipgloss or Lipstick

I ALWAYS carry lipstick with me because in between snacks, meals and treats I like to reapply. Right now, I am using a MAC lipglass my mom gifted me. I love any neutral colors.

Bag Details

My purse is from the Kate Spade outlet; they always have great deals and also give student discounts. Yay!

Cover: Kathleen Navarro competed in the Miss Texas Latina pageant in March of this year. Photo Hector Torres Photography

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