Tuesday Travel: Summer Travel Treats

by Mayson Shelton and Marika Flatt on July 14, 2015 in Lifestyle, Travels,
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With summer comes a sense of wanderlust and adventure. Whether you fancy a walk to the park down the street or a journey out to a foreign land, the things you take with you can enhance your experience. Embrace your desire to see the world’s beauty, but don’t forget to take these fantastic items with you!


Texans, have you ever wished you could take wine on a tube trip, to a park that doesn’t allow glass or on a boat? Wine bottles never seem to fit in the picnic basket either. The Union Wine Company’s new Underwood Wine in a Can is a game-changer for spontaneous outings this summer. The Pinot Noir and Rose were our faves. No one will ever know they came from a can! Find them online or at a variety of Texas stores, such as Spec’s Liquor, Whole Foods and Hotel Austin. Get a four-pack for $24.


Everyone loves a golden girl! Put on your best summer dress and step out into the sunshine in Westin Crisscross Wedges by Zee Alexis. Find Zee Alexis uber-comfortable wedges at Fossee Designer Shoes in Dallas, too. $120

Travel Essentials Set

Don’t worry about getting off the plane with puffy eyes and dry skin–Derma e provides compact skincare products in their 5-piece Travel Essentials Set to get you through changes in climate. World travelers will love their hydrating mist, eye gel and facial wipes (great for the airport bathroom!) $49.83

Schoolyard Backpack

Grab some clothes, your toothbrush and stuff them in Esperos’ Schoolyard Backpack before heading out on today’s adventure. This Austin-based company even included plenty of room for souvenirs, too! $69.99

Sphynx Razor

Save space in your carry-on by reducing your shaving supplies. Instead of bringing shaving cream, razor and lotion, simply grab a Sphynx Travel Razor. This adorable, and chic, razor comes in a cute little size and we like the aqua/white striped razor- perfect for your hanging bathroom bag. $14.99



Don’t give up your liquids because pesky travel restrictions have limited the size of liquid products you can carry–Uberlube has created the Good to Go Traveler to solve this problem. These come in handy for anti-chaffing on hikes or anti-frizz at the beach.The bottle even has a convenient and slick metallic carrying case. $28



It’s important to replenish your nutrients on adventures and Aloha Trail Mix is a perfect snack for such occasions. Grab these for your day hike, throw into your carry-on for a long travel day or simply nosh on them in your hotel room. $9.90


Because your kids are focused on reading the National Geographic Kids Almanac, you’ll never hear the words “are we there yet?” again! This book not only keeps them reading during the summer and gives them something to do in the car or on the plane, but it’s jam-packed full of interesting facts. You’ll even find yourself vying for the book. $21.99


GoodWipesThe summer heat strains everyone, but at least you can stop the sweat with Deodorizing Wipes by Goodwipes. Always feel clean and fresh, even in the heat of the day. We also love these after a good summer workout, when you need to freshen up after a day of travel or even to just have in your bathroom bag when you don’t have a washcloth to use. Great for hiking, too! $8 for a pack of 10 wipes


Instead of carrying a cumbersome bottle of bug repellent spray, just put on a colorful Insect Repellent Band by BugBand. The 120 hours of defense beats reapplication of sticky spray any day! And, you might even start the new neighborhood fashion trend. We love these for the summer lake house. $4.95 per band


Head to Target and grab Attitude’s hair care to bring on your travels. It’s carcinogen free and inexpensive–making it the best addition to your travel toiletry kit. These are a great choice to send the kids to camp with. $9.99



Represent your favorite teams everywhere you go by clipping a Stwrap to your bag. These fun representations are great for beach bags, backpacks and other luggage. Send your favorite kiddo off to college with these, too. $4.99

High Alt Bag


Fit all of your needs into this carry-on suitcase with its air compression technology. The Genius Pack 22’ Carry On Spinner, with several amazing features, makes sure you’re able to pack everything you need ($238). Genius also provides a High Altitude Flight Bag for your long journeys. There is a pocket for all of your gadgets and a seat strap so you don’t have to put it on the ground! $58

Luggage Cover

Bland luggage is not only boring, but also difficult to find at baggage claim. Spruce up your suitcase with a unique luggage cover by LOQl that is sure to stand out! We love their fun designs that make packing that suitcase exciting. $27.90

Versakini Lifestyle 2

Everyone gets tired of wearing the same few swimsuits all summer long, but we don’t want to pay for more choices. The Houston-based company, Versakini, is revolutionizing the market of swimwear by creating the first 8-in-1 bikini top and bottom set to give you the options you want without the cost. Mix and match until the sun goes down. $79

Travelogue Candle

Did you visit Maui and miss it dearly? Go on a trip every time you light a Yuthica Travelogue candle. These exquisite scents invigorate the senses and bring another culture right to your home. They are inspired by sunsets and florals from around the globe. $40Glyco Boom SlimsticksPhytoBurst Nutritional ChewsGI-ProBalance


It’s tough when you’re trying to keep your body in check while traveling, with all the extra rich or fried foods, not to mention late-night drinks. The Mannatech GI-ProBalance packets provide probiotic support for healthy digestion, their GlycoBOOM slimsticks are advanced immune system support packets for on-the-go and PhytoBurst Nutritional Chews (chocolate or fruit-flavored chews) are packed with plenty of vitamins and phytonutrients to keep you well on the road. Mannatech is based in Coppell, Texas.


Did you that your smartphone is one of the dirtiest things you handle on a regular basis? Well-Kept screen-cleansing towelettes eliminate bacteria, smears and makeup smudges from electronics and lenses, making them a must-have for your everyday bag. These pre-moistened wipes were invented specifically to clean items like your phone, laptop, camera and even sunglasses. Each stylishly designed package contains 15 wipes, so they’ll never dry out. Plus, with six fun patterns to choose from, you won’t mind whipping these out in public. $6

By Mayson Shelton and Marika Flatt