#TXTips: Short Hair, the Long Game

by Julie Tereshchuk on April 13, 2020 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Living Texas, Houston,
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With hair salons closed and our favorite stylists downing their scissors,
how do we keep those short ‘dos in check?

Houston’s celebrity hairstylist Joel Quinones, from Solaya Spa & Salon by The Houstonian, is here to help us with his expert tips.

(Editor’s note: We’ve used doggie photos for smiles, since we couldn’t photograph real models during the COVID-19 emergency.)

1. Don’t shampoo too often.

This keeps hair from getting dry, frizzy and your color from fading! Dry to normal hair twice a week. Oily heads, three times. In between shampoos, rinse your hair in the shower and style afterwards so you don’t have “bed head.”

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2. The right tools will always help. 

An ionic blow dryer for those with frizzy or wavy to curly hair. A non-ionic dryer, or one with an on/off switch for the ion, will give fine, flat hair volume.
A small flat iron is also a great tool to give direction, bend the ends of the hair and flatten a cowlick. Don’t heat over 365 degrees. Use natural bristle brushes for textured hair. Use ceramic brushes or fingers if you have fine hair.

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3. Product is your buddy while waiting out the storm.

Mousse or a root boost for fine hair will give it life and bounce. Use a serum or creme to smooth and defrizz rebellious or curly hair. After you dry your hair, a finishing product is key. Wax is great on textured or frizzy hair. It will control a cowlick or the sides that want to pop out. Wax also has humectants that give hair shine and a bit of moisture.
For fine hair, clay is your friend. This is a matte, putty-like product. Used sparingly, it will control cowlicks. you can “piece out” your hair or bangs for a bit of texture. It doesn’t get greasy or weigh your hair down. When the sides get too long, tuck them behind the ear and use your finishing clay to hold them in place. That’ll avoid giving you the kind of matronly “done” look that using hairspray can.

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4. If you have to trim your bangs…

Only cut dry hair. And, always cut HALF of what you think necessary. (It’s better to have to go back and cut a bit more.)
Never go past the outer edge of the brow. That means, when you look at your face straight on, do not cut your bangs past the outer point of each eyebrow. (That is, the side closest to each ear.) After all, no one wants to look like the sequel to “Dumb and Dumber.”
Find a cheap pair of haircutting scissors to do this. Do not use anything else!
You can use electric trimmers to tidy up an unruly neckline.


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Julie Tereshchuk is the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and loves her short haircut.