Dietitian Kennon Lydick Shares Five Healthy Habits for 2023

by Juliana Stanford on January 12, 2023 in Wellness,

January is a month marked by (usually) short term resolutions. But with February around the corner, the resolutions typically find solace in the back of one’s closet alongside out of season clothing. Registered dietitian Kennon Lydick embraces this time of resolution but offers advice for long-term healthy habits that don’t phase out within the next 30 business days! 


Kennon Lydick is an Aggie Alum turned dietitian. Gig ‘em! Courtesy Photo.

Kennon Lydick is an Austin native, yoga enthusiast, foodie, and a proud Aggie. During her College Station tenure, she delved into the study of nutritional sciences and dietetics. After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and later becoming a registered dietitian, she has settled in as an accomplished dietitian at Austin Counseling and Nutrition as well as a Clinical Dietitian (PRN – as needed) at St. David’s Medical Center.  Kennon is passionate about her work and correcting the common misconceptions about dietetics. She goes on to say that her job is not about telling people to “eat more veggies” rather, Kennon strives to come up with attainable goals, meeting her patients where they are and formulating custom pathways for each individual who walks through her doors. 

Kennon Lydick in her element, practicing Yoga and connecting with the warm ocean breeze. Courtesy photo.

As if Kennon wasn’t busy enough, she also is a yoga instructor at Black Swan Yoga. Twice a week, Kennon invites all of Austin to join her practice beginning at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Westgate center and at 9 p.m. on Thursdays at the Orchard Location. In conversation, Kennon speaks of her practice with an ear-to-ear smile saying that it fills her with “so much joy to hold space for those who come to my class. There is no one type of person that shows up”, she said. She loves embracing all of her student’s backgrounds and experiences. What Kennon celebrates most about her practice of movement is not just the yoga itself, but the philosophy of this mind and body connection as well. 

How can you fill your cup first? Kennon is going to work towards attending yoga 3x a week and drinking lots of water. She will read for 30 minutes before bed and work on waking up around 7 a.m. each morning. Photo David Mao.

When asked about New Years resolutions and healthy habits – Kennon embraces the subject with a very holistic mindset. On a personal level, Kennon is picking up the habit of “filling my cup so I can overflow and fill others.” She plans to do this by prioritizing activities that she enjoys and celebrating simple pleasures such as waking up earlier or drinking more water. 

Don’t walk into your resolutions alone – surround yourself with those who will push you to be your best and stick to your goals! Photo Zach Reiner.

Kennon outlined for us five practices for the New Year that aren’t strict diets, working out 2x a day, or highly sacrificial. Rather, she squeezes small elements that fit into the natural rhythm of one’s day and allows each individual to live life more fully. 


->GET UP. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you think you should. Why do this? It will allow you to give yourself that extra time to get set and ready to go for the day. Starting your day in a panic doesn’t set you up for success. Give yourself time to get up, get ready, and tackle the day.

->MOVEMENT. I don’t mean extreme exercise. It could be exercise, but the point is that it doesn’t need to be extreme at all. This is different for everyone. Maybe it’s a 15-30 minute walk in the neighborhood or around the block in the morning or afternoon. Maybe it’s cleaning the house, or moving boxes. It can be anything that gets the body away from being stagnant and into movement. (I’m biased and choose yoga). Game changer.

->BREATHE. When feeling distracted and needing to re-focus, remove all distractions and take three deep breaths. Never underestimate the power of breath. It is our life force and does more for us than we give it credit for.

->EAT FOOD. There is true value in fueling your body. Breakfast first thing in the morning kickstarts the metabolism and gives you the energy you need to start tackling the day. On top of that, don’t skip meals. Eat three meals a day and see how life changing it can be. If a car runs out of fuel it stops working and sits on the side of the road for someone to save it. We are no different than the car. Don’t expect yourself to be able to keep going with an empty tank.

->COMMUNITY. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. We are a culmination of the five people we spend the most time with. Do you want to be like your five closest friends? If you don’t, consider shifting your community. Put yourself in amazing people’s way so you can be inspired by them and learn from them.


Walk with Kennon and Body Balanced Wellness this New Year. Photo Sean Musil.

 To cross paths with Kennon and live out your goals, she has created a business named Body Balanced Wellness. Kennon actively works with clients to “create balance in their lives with both mind and body.” In a 1-on-1 setting, Kennon offers pathways with nutritional plans, more healthy habits, and even private yoga sessions. Her private practice is open to all and her solutions look different for each person. “Someone may be coming in with just the goal of wanting to relieve stress in their life around food – the stress of weight gain, the stress of grocery shopping, the stress of knowing what to put in their body.  It can look so different for everyone.” If you are interested in living your 2023 resolutions to the fullest, email to schedule an appointment.


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Juliana Stanford is an undergraduate Public Relations student at the University of Texas at Austin and is a native Texan. She aspires to work with international nonprofits and with abroad entities.