3 Reasons to Love Private Jet Travel

by Alex Temblador on July 2, 2018 in Living Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Travels,
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Imagine a travel experience where you’re the only person on a flight. Sounds like heaven, right?

Or perhaps, it’s just you and your best friends, kids, business associates, or family on the flight. That’s not half bad either. The flight attendants are attentive, takeoff is completely smooth, and you have room to spread out, read, work, laugh, talk as loud as you want, sleep, or play with your children. During the trip, you’re served a delicious hot meal – none of that standard tasteless fare. After a wonderful landing, you grab your stuff and head off the plane to be wished well with a smile and a handshake by your pilot.

How can you have this amazing travel experience? By using a private jet charter company like Dallas-based Icarus Jet. Started in 2012 by Kevin Singh, Icarus offer private jets of any size for families, individuals, companies, sports teams or other groups. Their motto, “We will take you everywhere,” is more than words. It’s a daily practice.

Their service is both personal and professional. “We are through and through Texas-born, and we exemplify its value and culture,” Singh says.

Icarus Jet is a Dallas-based private jet charter company that prides itself on being family-friendly.
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How exactly does that value and culture appear in their services? In a Texas family-centered way. “We are a family-friendly company,” says Singh. “For one, every employee at Icarus is considered a family member, and we hire by internal recommendations.” And, two? “We often cater to clients who are traveling with their own families.” When commercial travel is cumbersome for families and Texas-friendly service is lacking, it’s refreshing to find a jet travel service that provides customers with top-notch attention. Want to know more about what Icarus Jet can offer you? We sat down with Icarus Jet and fell in love with three amazing things that they do for their customers. Check them out below!


Air travel these days often causes anxiety, even among those who do it often. Whether it’s a delayed flight or long lines to check in, commercial air travel is inconvenient. At Icarus Jet, convenience is a top priority.

If you need to talk to someone at 1 a.m., Icarus has someone available. You won’t be waiting for an hour to speak with a computer. They can customize your travel to fit your schedule and destination wishes. This could be as simple as taking you to a country with as few stops as possible en route, or landing in a remote area. They can even do what commercial airlines cannot – go into war zones. For those times you must stop to refuel, they have pilots waiting at the gate to take over the next leg of the trip.

Instead of waiting in a long customs line, customs agents usually board the jet when it lands. Once everything is processed, Icarus Jet has a personal car service waiting at the airport, ready to take you to your on-ground destination.

As travelers, we are often trained to expect inconvenience in air travel, but that’s not the case with Icarus Jet. It’s easy to love that!


Icarus Jet has many policies in place to make your jet experience as safe as possible, whether you are flying alone or with family.

It all begins when you call or book online. You are connected with their intimate and knowledgeable staff who walks you through the booking and provides you with something that most jet charter companies do not offer: Trip Support.

What is Trip Support? Singh explains: “When you charter a jet from Icarus, our offices from Dallas to London and Dubai are all simultaneously involved in following your trip. You’re never left alone whilst on a trip. From analyzing a jet charter from its legal point of view to maintaining the trip to its highest safety standards, we make sure that your experience is a one a kind.”

The Icarus Jet staff researches the best route for you, including weather conditions and the safety of the area you’re landing in. Through their research, they are able to offer the best advice you might need when making travel decisions. That advice even extends to the car service they offer their clients. By sending each traveler the name and photo of the driver of the car service, you know who you are with at all times.

Singh really reinforces the significance of safety in the service provided to Icarus Jet clients: “We promise that your jet charter will always be looked at from a point of safety. Whether it’s the crew, maintenance, sufficient insurance or weather. We will make sure that you’re fully protected from the time you leave your house to the time you’re back.”

Customized flight travel

Hate sitting in commercial seats that are too tight? Wish you could have a full meal of Mexican cuisine? There’s nothing too big or too small that Icarus Jet can’t do to customize your flight travel. If you prefer to leave in the morning, they can do that. If you want all your favorite snacks stocked on the flight, they can do that. If you’d like customized pillows, blankets, and slippers with your initials, they got you covered. As they say, “We want your flight to be an extension of your home.” If you ask me, that’s true Texas hospitality.

Be sure to ask Icarus Jets about their one-way rates! Here are a few tasters: Dallas – Houston or San Antonio: $6,000; Dallas – LA: $13,500; Dallas – Miami: $13,000

Alex Temblador is a novelist and travel writer based in Dallas. Her work has appeared in outlets including Oyster, Matador Network, Culture Trip and the Huffington Post. @alextemblador

Cover photo: the Icarus Jet team. Courtesy photo