Three Must-Try Date Nights in Houston

by Nora Bonilla on November 22, 2023 in Living Texas, Houston,

Date nights are always a big deal for anyone looking to spend time with their partner or wanting to get to know someone. In a big city like Houston, there are so many things to do that it’s hard to just choose one thing. Luckily, we took the liberty of trying some of the newest date spots in the area that are perfect and creative for a night out.


Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown

Rooftop Cinema Club curates a variety of monthly events like movie premieres, sing-a-longs and so much more! Photo Nora Bonilla.

Going to the movies is always a go-to date because of the romantic aura it creates with sitting close to your date and holding hands with the lights off. Luckily, the Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown creates a similar atmosphere but with a twist. Because of its location being a rooftop, the audience is met with a beautiful skyline view of Houston, comfortable deck chairs such as lounge seats or loveseats with a head rest and a calming breeze to create a relaxing movie experience.

What about the city noise like cars beeping, or loud strangers’ conversation disrupting the movie? Rooftop Cinema has got you covered. The cinema provides each viewer a pair of wireless headphones to block out the outside world. These headphones have a switch on one side of the ears that turns it on and off if you need a restroom break, ask a question to your partner, or buy a snack at the concession stand. So no more outside noise to distract you from missing an important plot point or interrupt the movie.

This cinema experience is sure to be memorable with state of the art, wireless headphones. Photo Cony Bonilla.

Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown also provides a cute lounge area with tables and chairs for those who arrive earlier than their movie time. The concession stand provides a food menu, iconic movie snacks like popcorn, candy and fountain drinks and a full bar with fresh cocktails, wine and beer. Viewers are also welcome to take pictures to savor the moment in front of their decked-out display car decorated in flowers or of the murals painted on the walls. 

The Flour Petal Bakery

Reserve your seat now in a public class and learn how to decorate like a professional! Photo Cony Bonilla.

Why not try something new and creative with your partner for date night? Cake decorating has become one of the biggest trends on social media with many bakers posting themselves decorating cake orders for their customers. With that being said, Courtney Nguyen has taken it upon herself to hold classes to teach decorating to those who are interested in trying out their skills without needing any ingredients. 

Her bakery, The Flour Petal Bakery, began after finding a new found passion for baking that had nothing to do with her degree. Although she had no intention to make her hobby a business, she now gets to do what she loves while teaching others how to create baked goods for their loved ones or themselves. 

The Flour Petal Bakery also allows you to privately book classes for large group parties with a minimum of 10 people. Photo Nora Bonilla.

This particular class was held inside a greenhouse-inspired building with strings of beautiful lights creating a romantic setting and outdoor experience. I urge everyone to arrive early for the class provided a selection of charcuterie, dips, wine and water for everyone to enjoy (depending on the class, brunch!). Attendees are also encouraged to select their own seating so make sure you grab your spots before they are gone.

Tickets and classes up to Dec 21 are available now, so don’t hesitate to buy yours! Photo Nora Bonilla.

Every attendee is instructed thoroughly by Courtney while providing the ingredients such as the cakes, piping bags and tips, a spinning cake stand, and an icing spatula. Courtney demonstrates every step in order to ensure everyone is able to follow and happily checks your progress throughout. Once your cakes are fully layered in icing, printed instructions with visuals are also provided to help each class member successfully master the decorating part of the cake. 

The class itself was phenomenal and carefully curated that I almost felt bad for my lack of experience. Luckily, Courtney was patient and such a sweetheart that I felt satisfied with the end result and it tasted amazing once I got home, too! 

Smashed Clay+Studios 

Tools are provided to help shape your pottery piece and mold the clay more easily. Photo Nora Bonilla.

For those of you who have never watched the movie Ghost (you really should!), there is a famous pottery scene that exudes romance. Fortunately, Smashed Studios recreates a similar romantic scene for anyone looking to try something new on date night. This studio offers classes for couples under a “Couple Throw” session, where couples work together on one pottery wheel to create two projects.

Each attendee can choose any of the six featured projects to make during their session, such as as a bowl, candle holder, vase, cup, pot or wine tumbler. Artist instructors guide couples through the steps of making hand pottery from slamming the clay down on the wheel to each partner helping the other form and shape their piece as a team. After thirty minutes, couples are to switch tasks to make sure they both are successful in creating a pottery piece. Meanwhile, hands are gliding and heart rates are rising through the process that romance is sure to fill the air. 

Couples work together on one pottery wheel. Photo Nora Borilla.

A couple of things to note is that making a pottery piece can get messy, so attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable pants, short sleeves or sleeves that are able to roll up, no bracelets or watches, and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Aprons will also be provided to prevent any stains. Each session is an hour long (that includes solo and pair throw sessions) and offers the option of coming back to glaze your piece, or pay for it to be glazed. Pottery pieces can be shipped with an extra charge, or can be picked up at the studio.

Cover Photo Nora Bonilla

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