#TravelTuesday: Six Flags is Back in Houston & Perfect for Family Fun!

by Gabi De la Rosa on July 16, 2019 in Travels, Houston,
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The biggest amusement park announcement to hit the Houston scene in years was made just in time for the 2019 summer season.

Wet & Wild Splashtown is now Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown. The park now has a cute Caribbean theme that kids will love, improvements have been made throughout the park, and a new thrill ride, Wahoo Wave, is debuting this summer.

Water parks can be intimidating for families, but Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has made their park easy to navigate, has amenities the whole family will enjoy, and has rides for every age level. We have curated a list of answers for the most commonly asked questions for families. All you have to do now is buy your season pass and enjoy the summer fun with your family.

Six Flags is back in Houston, debuting for the summer season with Hurricane Harbor. Courtesy photo

1. What About All My Stuff?

Not sure what to do with all of your belongings while you are enjoying the park? Three different-sized lockers are available for storage. They are located towards the back of the park and can be rented using a credit card. Pro Tip: You may be tempted to take your towels with you, but leave them until the end of the day – the sun will do the job for you and leave your hands free to enjoy the rides.

2. What Long Lines?

A parent’s worst nightmare is to be stuck in a mile-long line that never seems to move. Although some rides do have longs lines, don’t let them scare you off – Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has each ride timed perfectly so that the lines move very quickly. The friendly life guards, stationed on each ride and throughout the park make, getting on and off rides easy and efficient. Worried that you might get hot while waiting? Once you take a dip in the refreshing water you will be cool and ready to ride. Pro Tip: Reapplying sunscreen while in the park is a must! Although you won’t be hot while waiting in line, the sun can still wreak havoc on your skin.

Visit Houston’s Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park and enjoy fun with the whole family. Courtesy photo

3. Food, Food & More Food

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor’s new summer menu incorporates the best of theme park food favorites. Funnel cake anyone? Try out the new Funnel Cake Fries that are the funnel cake everyone loves, but in an easy to share fry form. The Double Decker Quesadilla is also a crowd favorite – two quesadillas, two kinds of meat, cheese and salsa: the makings for a great lunch. Don’t forget to try the Wahoo Burger which combines a chili dog and a hamburger into one big (and messy) treat.

There’s different food available throughout the park, make sure to check out a map to see what is offered near you. Pro Tip: Food and coolers are not allowed in the park, but bottled water is. Be prepared for a bag check as you enter the park grounds.

Enjoy tasty treats like the Wahoo Burger during your visit to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Courtesy photo

4. Shoes or No Shoes?

Although it might be great to kick off your shoes to enjoy the park, hot concrete, stairs and germy bathrooms might be a good reason to leave them on. Tiny toes are especially sensitive to heat, so water shoes are a good idea for little ones. Be aware that some rides don’t allow shoes, but it’s an easy fix; just take them off and hold them or leave them on the side before entering the line. Pro Tip: Although flip flops might be convenient, water shoes or sandals with Velcro straps will be more secure during the thrilling rides.

5. Going Home Made Easy

Even the very best day must come to an end, but luckily Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has made getting back home a breeze. There are spacious changing rooms located near the rear of the park with tons of room to get little ones in and out of their dry clothes. (No need to change in a bathroom stall!) Showers for rinsing off are also located in the locker room area. Take a rinse in clean water before toweling off and getting into dry clothes – it always makes the drive home more comfortable for everyone. Pro Tip: It is inevitable that something will be left behind, but don’t worry – the park has a Lost and Found that will help locate your lost item.

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