Smile, Y’All! Headshots in a Truck

by Julie Tereshchuk on October 26, 2015 in Living Texas, Austin,
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She’s doing what, now? She’s driving a truck. A FedEx truck.
But this isn’t like any FedEx truck you’ve ever seen before.

It’s bright pink, and it’s got a make-up station, a bar, Wi-Fi and pull-down photo backdrops where all those white FedEx boxes should be.


That’s right: Austin’s vivacious headshot photographer and entrepreneur Korey Howell has the first mobile photo studio in a truck in Texas. And of course, it’s called ‘Headshots Y’all!’

Oh, and one correction: Howell isn’t actually driving the truck itself.

Instead, Howell’s what she calls “the designated passenger.” She had every intention of driving the new studio, or “Honey” as the truck’s now called. “I even made a cute trucker’s hat with the company logo on it,” says Howell.

But when the truck arrived, it was longer than she’d expected. It turns out that, in technical parlance, what’s known as a “14 foot step van” is 14 feet tall. Honey, in all her glory, is over 23 feet long. “I can’t even parallel park my Honda!” says Howell, who immediately hired a driver. “It was the best decision I ever made. Frank, the truck driver and manager, does a great job of maintaining Honey.”


Howell loves life, and lives it with magnificent energy and enthusiasm. Needless to say, she’s having huge fun with this new side to her well-established photography business.

The whole concept is fun. “We chose the brand to emphasize the Texas theme. We have a hoot saying things like “howdy” and “holler at us,” and we add “y’all” to the end of every sentence, y’all!”

Honey’s transformation took place in San Antonio at the eclectic Cruising Kitchens—the nation’s leading custom food truck builder—who procured the truck and completed its build out over four weeks.

Why go mobile? “I saw a need for high-quality headshots in central and south Austin, a growing trend in mobile retail businesses and Austin’s love of food trucks,” explains Howell. “Headshots Y’All is my way of meeting local demand, in a very Austin way, while staying ahead of the curve in the photo industry.”


You’ll find Headshots Y’All every Friday at 1700 S. Lamar. (Honey is also available for fun photos at community events and galas.) Photos are taken by appointment only.

Use coupon code TLM2015 for a $97 Express Session (a $150 value).

By Julie Tereshchuk

Images courtesy Korey Howell Photography