#Travel Tuesday | Spooktacular Texas

by Kate Ferris on October 31, 2017 in Living Texas, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Travels,
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We’ve rounded up 10 of the spookiest spots in Texas to celebrate the spirit of Halloween,.

Paramount Theatre, Austin: You may think that this is simply a place for some of the best live performances and films, but the century old building’s got stories to tell. Austin’s Paramount Theatre has not one but several ghosts. Among them are an elderly man with a cigar who often appears in the opera box; a woman in classic formal gown who can be seen in the lobby; and, a pair of white shoes with no body attached to them roaming throughout the balcony and auditorium.

Ghost Town, Terlingua: Not far from Big Bend lies one of Texas’s most famous ghost towns. This former mining town was left behind by its miners, and is now an almost empty town of few residents, dusty fields, decaying buildings, mine shafts and ruins. Visitors claim that the cemetery is a must-see.

The Alamo, San Antonio: We can’t talk about spooky Texas spots without mentioning this one. Since the Battle of the Alamo ended in 1836, people of San Antonio have been talking of ghosts and hauntings around the bloodshed grounds. Besides all the whispers and footsteps people often report hearing, there are also apparently a number of spirits who haunt the area. Roam around the area yourself or brave a nighttime ghost tour.

The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi: “The Blue Ghost” is this ship’s nickname, and a fitting one at that. Corpus Christi residents have long claimed that the WWII-vintage Essex class aircraft carrier is haunted by spirits. An engine operator who was killed during a battle is said to roam around the boat at night—explaining the mysterious slamming doors and flickering lights. Today, it should be extra scary as Castle of Terror Productions has paired with them to put on an unforgettable ghost ship tour. All aboard!

Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth: Established in 1907, this hotel has been known to house a ghost or two (or twenty). Bonnie and Clyde once stayed in room 305, and it’s believed that their ghosts continue to haunt the suite as the bathroom sink has been known to turn on and off on its own. Guests have also reported elevators going up and down by themselves, feeling people crawl into bed with them, and the ghost of a little girl roaming the hallways. Go for a visit and take a ghost tour—if you’re brave enough.

Catfish Plantation, Waxahachie: Levitating fry baskets. Ghost brides. Mysteriously misplaced kitchen utensils. At Waxahachie’s Catfish Plantation, killer Cajun food meets spooky tales. Tom and Melissa Baker purchased the old Victorian home in 1984 and began to notice peculiar activity immediately. Paranormal investigators believe a number of “friendly and positive” spirits from the town’s past roam the restaurant, which prides itself on being the most haunted restaurant in Texas. A top destination for ghost hunters, it’s been featured in television shows, newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Abandoned Hero’s Water World, Midland/Odessa: What’s eerier than creepy abandoned water parks? Let us know when you think of something! Hero’s Water World was once filled with splashing, frolicking children zipping down water slides, but shut down in 2003. The result: an empty, graffiti-filled ghost town.

Jefferson Davis Hospital/Elder Street Artist Lofts, Houston: This place was literally built on top of a cemetery. Need I say more? Named after the Confederate President Jefferson Davis, thousands of Confederate soldiers had been buried in the Houston cemetery which now lies beneath the building—a recipe for paranormal activity. Built in 1924, the old Jefferson Davis Hospital closed in 1939. Eventually, the long-abandoned building became condos. It’s widely believed spirits still linger in the halls. Sleep tight, tenants.

Millermore Mansion, Dallas: The Millermore Mansion is located in Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park, and just looking at the place is probably enough to send a shiver down your spine. It’s said that this Civil War-era mansion is haunted by an unknown woman who likes to linger around the master bedroom and nursery. Many people report feeling someone watching them and walking close behind them as they tour the house. See for yourself, if you dare.

Faust Hotel & Brewpub, New Braunfels: Not only is The Faust the number one hotel in New Braunfels, it’s also one of the most haunted in Texas. Paranormal investigators have reported lots of activity on the second floor, namely, the laughter of children when no children are staying on the floor. Go for a visit and grab yourself some (witch’s) brew while you’re at it.