Go off Grid in Style at Cypress Valley’s New Glamping Tents

by Martin Ramirez on September 5, 2023 in sponsored, Travels,

There’s a place in Spicewood, Texas, right in the heart of Hill Country, where the Wi-Fi stops, and the trees sing with summer bird songs by day and rattling insects at night. This place, with its beautiful tree houses high in green canopy of bald cypress trees, offers the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and luxury travel. This place is Cypress Valley.

Glamping That Includes Nature, Not Excludes It

Each glamping tent interior is designed to make you feel like home while camping in the Texas Hill Country. Photo courtesy Cypress Valley.

Cypress Valley’s treehouses have been a popular draw for many years, attracting tens of thousands of world travelers to their immersive design that reflects biomimicry, environmental harmony, and sustainability. The wonderful team has expanded this philosophy with an array of artfully designed and immersive glamping tents. Don’t fret about those rattling insects though. Cypress Valley’s Tent Village puts you intimately close to nature without sharing living space with the creeping crawlers, so long as you keep the sheer door zipped.

Stay in a Sense of Place

A serene private patio looks out into the Texas wildflowers of the Valley. Photo courtesy Cypress Valley.

Each private tent has been thoughtfully carried out to develop a sense of place in nature. From the rustic, king bed adorned with stylish throw pillows and blankets to nature inspired hues on the ottoman and indoor seating area, your tent has been meticulously prepared to immerse you in the sights and sounds of Texas Hill Country. While you can cozy up with a book and your favorite cocktail, there is enough space to walk, change, or stretch. Also included are luxurious bathrobes, hand towels, beach towels, a Yeti cooler…basically everything you need to enjoy all these wonderful accommodations without having to run to a nearby Target. And if you have forgotten your charger or flashlight, included in your tent is enough tech to keep grounded, such as a solar powered battery bank for night lighting and charging small electronics. Take a moment to sit outside on your small private porch and reflect while gazing at the colorful bouquet of red and golden Texas wildflowers blooming outside your tent. Or spend the evening stargazing as the fireflies dot the night sky. You truly feel like home in this place.

Nature-Inspired Amenities

Soak in this nature-inspired pool while indulging in the sounds of Hill Country, Texas. Photo Martin Ramirez.

Within walking distance are all the things you can enjoy while staying at these glamping grounds. Each foot trail is carefully designed to safely lead you from your tent to the pool, communal bathroom (more on this next), and other wonderful amenities right outside your door. If the sun has you sweating just from unpacking, dive into the cool pool nestled underneath the canopy of cypress trees. Here you can relax by the calming tones of a wind chime as the leaves above rustle gently against each other. Or have a seat next to the pond at the outdoor lounge located by the camp shop. Here, you can enjoy a complimentary expresso or shop for any other necessities such as a charcuterie board or kombucha. You can also rest under the shade trees on any of the two-person hammocks on site before challenging your partner to a game of life-sized chess or connect-four. And be sure to pack the hotdogs because Cypress Valley has three BBQ grills so you can rest and feast in this nature getaway.

Chic Communal Bathrooms

Soak in this nature-inspired pool while indulging in the sounds of Hill Country, Texas. Photo Martin Ramirez.

It’s easy to irk at the thought of communal bathrooms. But to say that Cypress Valley challenges this notion is an understatement. In fact, the wonderful team of designers and maintainers go far beyond the call of duty to provide travelers with a facility for guests to use for showers or bathrooms. Rather, they have included a bespoke, rustic bathroom on site with a touch of modern design that makes you feel as if the facility was yours alone. Within this design are spacious showers with spa-like features and enough room to intimately accommodate you and your partner. And they think of it all here—the best in fragrant shampoos, hand soaps, and body washes and environment-friendly feminine products, all under sensor-driven lighting as to not waste any power. This place certainly immerses you in nature without removing any of the luxuries of a fine hotel experience.

Disconnect To Reconnect

Our Texas Lifestyle Magazine writer enjoying the wooded trails of the Valley. Photo courtesy Martin Ramirez.

The daily grind of everyday life will have you tired and burnt out before Friday, leaving a blur of weekends unfulfilled. Cypress Valley’s glamping tents offer the perfect escape from the hectic highways, the closed and cold offices, the persistent fluorescent lighting, and the beaming screens on our desks, in our pockets, in front of the couch, and basically everywhere we turn. It’s simply madness everywhere but here in Tent Village it is serene and welcoming. So, reserve a tent and take a minute to slow things down. Breathe in the wild air and listen to the sounds of nature in this great escape.  


Martin Ramirez is a brisket-eating, Shiner-loving, road-tripping enthusiast of all things Texas. This Dallas-born writer / adventurer is ready to take his ‘78 El Camino to find the best in food, fun, and fitness throughout the Lone Star State. 

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Cypress Valley.