Three Gorgeous Texas Road Trips to Take on Your Motorcycle

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Texas is an excellent option for epic two-wheeled adventures with its varied geographic regions, diverse landscapes, great roads to ride, and numerous off-road attractions. You can visit beautiful ranchlands, stunning and expansive lakes, serene beaches, and historical sites while enjoying the thrill of the open Texas roads.

Whether you’re a long-distance adventurer or a weekend explorer, the Lone Star State has something to offer every type of rider. If it’s your first time to travel in Texas Easy-Rider style, check out the top three best road trips you can take.

Best Scenic Route: Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a popular tourist destination in the Lone Star State. The first settlers in this region were immigrants from Spain, Germany, and Eastern Europe, influencing much of the culture and architecture of the area. The quaint town of Fredericksburg has a German heritage that can be seen in its food, buildings, and museums. 

In addition, Hill Country is wine country, so you can check out various wineries and wine festivals as you ride through the region. If you’re a history buff, visit the Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Park, including the historic towns of Johnson City and Stonewall. 

Flower patch in Austin Hill Country

You can also visit cowboy ranches and barbecue joints. The region is quite different from the rest of the state, with its lush landscapes and panoramic views.

The Hill Country has some of the best motorcycle roads in the entire state. Riders can enjoy traveling on long stretches of pavement going up and down, straight and winding, while taking in the breathtaking views of the region.

The most recommended route is the Twisted Sisters Loop which is approximately 130 miles long and full of twisting roads. You can enjoy the open breeze as you hug the curves and take in the beauty of the Central Texas landscape. There’s even a motorcycle museum along the way.

Take note that this route is not suitable for beginners. And even if you have some experience, don’t forget to get the best motorcycle insurance before your trip, including roadside assistance. Hill Country is not an easy ride.

Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Road Trip: Big Bend Loop

If you like taking the path less trodden, the Big Bend Loop should be right up your alley. The Big Bend region is in West Texas and can be found near the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The main attraction here is the Big Bend National Park, an 800,000-acre national park that covers the entire Chisos mountain range and a large part of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Spectacular views await as you ride the pavement through the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. It’s a 30-mile-long journey that will take you through the desert to Santa Elena Canyon, where you can hike down into the Rio Grande gorge. If you’re looking for something more thrilling, Chison Basin Road offers steep slopes and hairpin turns.

Mountain range in Big Bend National Park

It’s hot out in this region, but you can quickly cool off in the San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea before visiting Fort Davis. From here, you can ride up a winding road until you get to the McDonald Observatory, where you can stop and do a bit of stargazing.

The Big Bend region may not be the most popular choice, but the amazing scenery and miles of winding mountain roads make it one of the best road trips you can take on your bike.

Best View of the Ocean: The Coastal Loop

This coastal cruise is about 40 miles long, from Surfside Beach to Galveston. You can ride along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, visiting small seaside towns as you take in the breathtaking view of the ocean. The ride may not be as thrilling as the Twisted Sisters, but it’s perfect for those who just want a smooth, comfortable ride. Galveston offers many attractions, including Moody Mansion and the Galveston Railroad Museum.

View of the Gulf of Mexico from Texas Coast

If you’re still itching for some cruising, you can take the Port Bolivar Ferry to Galveston Island. On Galveston Island, you can continue your ride along Seawall Boulevard to enjoy even more breathtaking views of the ocean. There’s a pier at the end of the road where you can enjoy waterfront rides, food, and soak up some sun.

Road Tripping in Texas on Your Bike

The best thing about Texas is that the state is so vast. The Hill Country, the Big Bend region, and the Coastal Loop are just the top three attractions. There are more roads to take and sights to savor. You’ll want to keep coming back to see what other motorcycle adventures the Lone Star State has in store.



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