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Perfect Food and Wine Pairings for a Lazy Labor Day

by Robin Barr Sussman on September 2, 2020

It’s officially the last weekend of summer and with COVID-19, hurricanes and wine country wildfires, it’s been a real doozie, America. So, stoke up the grill, chill out with some cool sides, and uncork something...

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Cheers to Earth Day, 2020! (Plus, Bonus Recipe)

by Robin Barr Sussman on April 15, 2020

Whether you drink red or white, go green in the glass this month while social distancing. Earth Day 2020 is April 22, but for many wineries, earth-friendly practices happen every day. From composting to water...

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#TravelTuesday: Desert Adventures and Delightful Lodging

by Selena Swartzfager on February 11, 2020

Greater Palm Springs has the yin and the yang of adventure travel. The desert is an unusual and beautiful place. During geography class, most people learn about the deserts in the United States but, until...

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A Day in the Life of a Winery

by Robin Barr Sussman on October 9, 2019

What do grapes, bees, vegetables, pups, parties, yoga, roses and sleep deprivation have in common? They are all part of day-to-day living on the property of a winery. And here’s a behind-the-scenes look of that...

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Cheers to Earth Day!

by Robin Barr Sussman on April 17, 2019

Earth Day is April 22, but for many wineries, earth-friendly practices happen every day. From composting to water conservation, natural pest control and solar energy, more wineries are becoming environmentally conscientious. Whether you drink red...

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Should We All be Drinking Organic Wines?

by Robin Barr Sussman on March 27, 2019

In the era of locavore, all-organic-everything, it’s no surprise that Texans are seeking the same standards when it comes to their choice of vino. Organic wine is made from organically grown grapes using principles of...

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#Brilliant Pairings: Giving Thanks With American Wines

by Robin Barr Sussman on November 19, 2018

A cheat sheet for procrastinators! Thursday, November 22 is Thanksgiving, an American holiday started in 1621 by the Pilgrims at Plymouth with a feast to celebrate the harvest and to thank the Wampanoag Indians for...

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Summer Fun: Don’t Overlook Oakland and its East Bay Gems

by Alex Temblador on July 5, 2018

Oakland is the place to be, y'all. It’s a mere 20-minute drive from San Francisco, but for many Texans, we look past it, instead going for what seems bigger and better (and significantly more expensive)....