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Cats: Another Mesmerizing, Memorable Hit From The Firehouse Theatre

by N.L. Thi-Hamrick on September 11, 2019

The Firehouse Theatre - a gem of the Dallas scene - showcases stunning theatrical might in yet another hit, the award-winning Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ‘Cats,’ directed by Mark Mullino. This all-singing, all-dancing musical has...

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A Moving Musical of Joy and Sorrow: “Bright Star”

by N.L. Thi-Hamrick on May 31, 2019

The Firehouse Theatre in Farmers Branch triumphs yet again while making history, showcasing the DFW regional premiere of the acclaimed bluegrass musical “Bright Star.” The celebrated hit made its Broadway debut in 2016, garnering several...

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Sandy Beaches, Vivid Imagery & Social Empowerment in “Once on This Island”

by K. L. Romo on April 5, 2019

Experience warm breezes, cool sand, sapphire tides, and an epic story of love and empowerment in The Firehouse Theatre’s performance of “Once on This Island.” A young girl sacrifices everything for love and acceptance and...

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Romancing the Stage: “The Boy Friend,” the Feel-Good Time Everybody Needs

by N.L. Thi-Hamrick on February 25, 2019

Take a dash of whimsy, barrel of laughs, endless supply of high-kicking dance routines, and a slew of charming romances, and you’ve got the “The Boy Friend,” presented by The Firehouse Theatre. This fire-station-turned-theatre’s appeal...