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‘Logan’ Cuts Deep

by Hunter Lanier on March 8, 2017

The title says it all. This isn't "Wolverine: Excessively Dramatic Subtitle." This is "Logan": the story of a man and his name. It's the year 2029 and the word, "superhero," has become passé. But that's okay,...

Split 01 e1486599883349

‘Split’ Carves Up A Lean Thriller

by Hunter Lanier on February 9, 2017

Having gone from "The Next Spielberg" to eliciting snide laughter when his name appears on a trailer, M. Night Shyamalan has packed a lot of career into a short amount of time. Here he is again with the...

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‘Live by Night,’ Dead By Day

by Hunter Lanier on January 16, 2017

For once, "Live by Night" had me wishing the characters would shut up so that something could explode. Affleck has an undeniable knack for filming commotion. There's a car chase and shoot-out in this film that...

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‘A Monster Calls’ Is A Fable With Guts

by Hunter Lanier on January 9, 2017

Most imaginary friends might play hide and seek or tell you a joke. They tend to come in colors and in the shape of a rabbit or something otherwise fuzzy and warm. It isn't so with the figurative...

Passengers 01 e1482970463638

‘Passengers’ Can’t Handle The Driver’s Seat

by Hunter Lanier on December 30, 2016

One of the better episodes of "The Twilight Zone" involved an astronaut who must travel forty years through space in suspended animation, meaning he won't age. Before he leaves on his journey, he makes the...

Sing 05 e1482933375862

‘Sing’ Gets By On Personality

by Hunter Lanier on December 28, 2016

"Sing" bills itself under a single promise: cute animals will sing cute pop songs. On that, it delivers. The only exception is your proclivity for such a thing. For many, it will be immensely adorable; by...

LLLand 01 e1482327141348

Book a Trip to ‘La La Land’ ASAP

by Hunter Lanier and Nick Bailey on December 21, 2016

A step forward isn't necessarily a step in the right direction. If some of us turn our heads to the future and see nothing of particular interest—music made by and for robots, cars that spell out our...

Rogue 01 e1482110328265

The Force is Strong with “Rogue One”

by Hunter Lanier on December 19, 2016

Once one of our protagonists shoots a relatively innocent man in the back, it becomes clear that this isn't what we've come to know as a Star Wars movie. "Rogue One," the first of many...