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#Travel Tuesday: The Ace Hotel in New Orleans, Where Good Times Are Rolling

by Dana Kent on December 4, 2018

Making a reservation at the Ace Hotel is really the only advanced plan needed if your goal is to simply escape and discover Louisiana’s Crescent City, one of America’s oldest and most well-known Southern destinations,...


Music Monday | The Evolution of Sarah Sharp

by Daniel Ramirez on June 11, 2018

Hidden beneath the marquee-lit moniker of "Live Music Capital of the World," there is a powerful undercurrent. With so many talented musicians calling the same place home, it's inevitable that, in addition to the singer/songwriters...

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Five Minutes With the Tin Man | Trumpeter Extraordinaire Jeff Taylor

by Bob Valleau on May 21, 2018

Dallas resident Jeff Taylor is an accomplished trumpeter and recipient of numerous awards who has performed before four presidents. Jeff has also played with some of the most popular jazz musicians, including the legendary Maynard...