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Andrew Lloyd Webber “Phantom” Sequel Follows Beloved Characters to Coney Island

by Julie Bonnin on July 5, 2018

In the Andrew Lloyd Webber sequel to the beloved long-running musical, “Phantom of the Opera,” the story picks up 10 years after the Phantom’s disappearance from the Paris Opera House and finds him living amid...

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“Holmes & Watson” at Alley Theatre: It’s Elementary

by Julie Bonnin on June 21, 2018

It’s an Alley Theatre tradition to bring light-hearted mystery fare to the stage during the summer months. In previous years, theatergoers have enjoyed Agatha Christie, last year’s hilarious Hitchcock romp, “The 39 Steps,” and this...

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Suzanne Vega Brings Carson McCullers Passion Project to Stage

by Julie Bonnin on February 28, 2018

"It’s absorbing in the way of a really good book, especially if that book happened to be backed by a live, on-stage band." It’s not an easy task to bring to life a singular writer...

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“Great Society” A Larger Than Life History Lesson on Alley Theatre Stage

by Julie Bonnin on February 2, 2018

The Houston Alley Theatre set for “Great Society” is a marvel, a backdrop that, by turns, takes on the grandeur of the White House Oval Office, Civil Rights march infrastructure, and ever-increasing tallies of Vietnam...