#TravelTuesday: Fitness in Phoenix — 3 Top Resorts

by Brook Benten Jimenez on September 28, 2021

In and around Phoenix, AZ is known for its vortex of meditation sites, spas of worldwide fame, and fitness amenities that keep active aging Scottsdale residents rocking rock-hard bodies like the Real Housewives of Beverly...

48 Hours of Austin-Approved Activities

by Gracie Watt on June 24, 2021

Austin, Texas has a quirky spirit that locals are always trying to keep alive. When planning a trip there, make sure you get a well-rounded itinerary that encompasses nature, art, amazing food, views, comfort and...

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Your Ho-Ho-Ho-liday Guide to Texas, 2019

by Julie Tereshchuk on November 22, 2019

Other parts of the country might be pulling on the mittens, lacing up the snow boots and throwing a log on the fire. In Texas, we’ve got our own ways of celebrating the holidays. Here...