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Sandy Beaches, Vivid Imagery & Social Empowerment in “Once on This Island”

by K. L. Romo on April 5, 2019

Experience warm breezes, cool sand, sapphire tides, and an epic story of love and empowerment in The Firehouse Theatre’s performance of “Once on This Island.” A young girl sacrifices everything for love and acceptance and...

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Marching to the Tune of The Music Man

by K. L. Romo on August 10, 2018

Apple pie, summer barbeques, and parades—the epitome of classic Midwest Americana. A nostalgic comfort of the simple life in years past is what you’ll experience from the Tony Award-winning musical and film, “The Music Man,”...

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This Fantastical Summer Musical Takes You Into the Woods

by K. L. Romo on June 20, 2018

At some point in our lives—blowing out birthday candles, throwing pennies into a fountain, or catching dandelion fuzz—we all make wishes, just in case superstitions hold true. But as adults we also know to be...

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Henry’s Majestic, Upscale Dishes with Casual Comfort

by K. L. Romo on May 18, 2018

Henry’s Majestic is located at a crossroads—at the triangular intersection of McKinney and Monticello in Dallas—just like the restaurant’s ambiance is at the crossroads of trendy and rustic. Although the Henry’s Majestic name conjures magic...

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Bulla Gastrobar, Casual Gastro Luxury

by K. L. Romo on April 13, 2018

OK, I confess. I’m not an adventurous eater. When I saw grilled octopus salad on Bulla Gastrobar’s dinner menu, I admit I was intimidated. I wasn’t sure this tapas restaurant was my style of dining....

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Spring Fun at Perot Museum

by K. L. Romo on March 13, 2018

Ever fantasize about traveling to Mars? You might be able to by the year 2040! This is just one cool piece of information included in the “Journey to Space” 3-D film at The Perot Museum...