Have I Missed the Chance to Own a Vacation Home in Port Aransas?

by Leean Vargas on March 7, 2022

With real estate prices increasing dramatically in coastal communities like Port Aransas, is it too late to find a beach house for your family? Owning a vacation home on the Texas coast has become a...

How To Enjoy Island Life On The Texas Coast

by Bebe Brown on March 9, 2021

Now it's time to escape to the Texas beach and own a vacation home that helps pay for itself. For many years when Texans planned a trip to the beach it meant heading to South...

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Five Minutes With Former Mayor, Broker of Port Aransas Realty, Keith McMullin

by Leean Vargas on November 9, 2020

Having lived in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas, Keith McMullin can really appreciate the laid-back island pace that’s a world away from life in the largest Texas cities.  McMullin moved to North Padre Island...