#TravelTuesday: Road Tripping West, a Winning Jackpot of Three National Parks

by Brian & Dana Maass on November 24, 2020

One of the safest, easiest and family-friendliest ways to meet COVID-induced travel criteria of avoiding groups, seeking open spaces and finding flexible itineraries is to hit the road to our national parks. Many of America’s...

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#TravelTuesday: Desert Adventures and Delightful Lodging

by Selena Swartzfager on February 11, 2020

Greater Palm Springs has the yin and the yang of adventure travel. The desert is an unusual and beautiful place. During geography class, most people learn about the deserts in the United States but, until...

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#TXAway: The Grand Canyon Railway

by Brian & Dana Maass on November 14, 2019

All aboard for an unforgettable adventure to the South Rim! The Grand Canyon is one of America’s natural wonders. Tourists from all around the world come to the Canyon to hike its rugged trails and...