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La Lucha, Yesterday’s Tomorrow

by Gabi De la Rosa on March 22, 2019

Chef and restauranteur Ford Fry made a name for himself in Atlanta, but returned to his Texas roots and put his mark on the Houston restaurant scene when he opened State of Grace in 2015....

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#Foodie Friday: 5 Reasons to Head to Water Grill for Seafood in Dallas

by Alex Temblador on June 8, 2018

The reclaimed wooden ceilings and walls caught my attention first – the sea-glass spheres placed in a net made of thick ship ropes and hanging from the ceiling caught my eye next. People laughed and...

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Foodie Friday: Shuck Shack

by Sara D'Spain on August 21, 2015

It’s Oystah’ Season in San Antonio! My husband and I love oysters, so we’re always eager to check out a new spot. Maybe it’s just a myth (or urban legend?), but typically, oysters aren’t in...