Boss Baby 04 e1491086675351

‘Boss Baby’ Brings Childhood Back To Life

by Nick Bailey on April 3, 2017

It’s not often that I go to see kids movies — at least in my opinion. Having three daughters, I held about at least three years before actually watching Frozen. Seriously, I avoid kids movies like...

Kong 07 e1489422515730

It’s Good to be King in ‘Kong: Skull Island’

by Hunter Lanier on March 13, 2017

Take an island inhabited by colossal perversions of nature and add character actors. Such is the hearty recipe for "Kong: Skull Island." It's really an ingenious move, considering the characters are essentially walking traits, so...

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‘Split’ Carves Up A Lean Thriller

by Hunter Lanier on February 9, 2017

Having gone from "The Next Spielberg" to eliciting snide laughter when his name appears on a trailer, M. Night Shyamalan has packed a lot of career into a short amount of time. Here he is again with the...