00 Letting go on the zipline e1575385872469

#TravelTuesday: Go Solo & Let Go in Lost Pines Texas

by Haven Lindsey on December 3, 2019

As I stood ready to let go for my first zip line ride, I knew that in less than a minute, I would be standing on the opposite platform with an expanded mind from learning...

00 Taos horse mural e1571690930948

#TravelTuesday: Solo Travelers Can Artfully Linger in Taos, New Mexico

by Haven Lindsey on October 22, 2019

Solo travel is an art form that blends well in Taos, a small town with a world-renowned art history. Solo travelers agree that one of their favorite aspects of traveling alone is the ability to...

00 The Big Barn Dance  e1570471056642

#TravelTuesday: Connecting Solo in Taos, New Mexico

by Haven Lindsey on October 8, 2019

For a solo traveler, Taos will welcome you - and your dog! Northern New Mexico has been referred to as God’s Country. Even those born and raised in Texas hold the serene, sacred space in...

Rockport Beach e1562613037352

#TravelTuesday: Going Solo in Rockport-Fulton

by Haven Lindsey on July 9, 2019

French for ‘I am alone’, the term ‘Je suis seul,’ is one that solo travelers repeat to hostesses and waiters, hotel and concierge staff throughout France to let them know they are traveling or dining...