#TravelTuesday: A Different Kind of Circuit Training at the Ritz-Carlton

by Daniel Ramirez on February 20, 2018 in Travels,
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There are some elements of a trip that remain frozen in the mind.

A great sunset or a breathtaking view. An unparalleled meal or an unforgettable attraction. For the guests of the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, there are likely many such elements. But, on our visit to this Colorado gem, something stood out far more and was longed for, the instant we returned to Texas soil.

They call it the Grotto Circuit…

The cold plunge pools (one for men, one for women) at the Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch provide a sublime start to the day. The spa also features a co-ed warm temperature grotto (pictured). Courtesy photo

As a part of the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch’s spa, they have matching his and hers ready areas. Nearly every amenity a spa can present is offered – lockers, showers, hot tub, sauna, steam room, a vast array of vanities and all the facial care, hair care and cosmetic sundries one might need to look their best. But, in addition to this, a singular pool sneaks its way into the ready area. Kept at a constant 40 degrees, the cold plunge pool is part of a prescribed circuit that the Ritz-Carlton endorses to kick-start a day on the slopes or hiking the mountains.

It goes like this: Six to ten minutes of steam room, followed by a one-minute plunge into the cold tub, then six to seven minutes in the sauna, followed by another one-minute plunge, and then six to seven minutes in the hot tub. Short breaks for water are interspersed, but the focus is the overall effect of the hot/cold interaction.

Ultimately, before you take a normal shower, this process has readied you for nearly anything. In addition to the caffeine-like effects of the process, there are some physiological benefits to the vascular variation the hot and cold contrast provide. The circuit is detoxifying, thanks to the steam and sauna rooms, and core-enriching as a result of the circulatory system’s own workout, sending blood to the skin in hot environments and to the body’s center in a cold environment.

After this sublime start, there is an impossibly apportioned relaxation room, complete with attendees willing to bring fresh juice or a mimosa, should you wish to relax or get further ready to take on the day.

The experience is the same for men or women, as there is a separate and identical Grotto Circuit for both genders. Ultimately, it is the way you feel when you emerge from the Grotto Circuit that is its best selling point.

Refreshed beyond a prior capacity and invigorated en route to an active or relaxing day, this circuit is worth the stay and is open to guests of the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, as well as any who schedule a spa treatment there.

We cannot recommend any other way to start the day in Beaver Creek.