A Newly Independent Noelle Lends a Creative, Swanky Vibe to Downtown Nashville

by Analise Flatt on April 17, 2023 in Travels,

Noelle Nashville not only celebrated its fifth birthday, but also the accomplishment of going out on their own from The Marriott Tribute Collection. They celebrated these milestones with an Independence Party held on March 9, 2023. The theme was uncaged & embellished and the assignment was understood by the guests. 


Upon walking into the lobby, guests were greeted with a curated art experience where you press the button to receive either a “Lovely People” or a “Wild Animal” cocktail. Photo courtesy Jennifer Austin Photography.

Scattered throughout the lobby were art exhibits, creative hubs like tattoo creation, an ice sculpture surrounded with oysters, musical performances, and free-flowing apps & drinks. 

The band GYASI had everyone on their feet & dancing all night long. Photo courtesy Jennifer Austin Photography.

Noelle entered into its independence with a bang and is ready to continue to bring a swanky spark to Nashville’s downtown. 

The Area Managing Director, Ben Olin, greets all of the guests and kickstarts the celebrations. Photo courtesy Jennifer Austin Photography.

Noelle Nashville is for anyone who desires to encounter Nashville in a new and authentic way. Noelle is an immersive and experiential hotel that leaves you with more than just a place to lay your head. A few things that truly elevate the experience include: the location, the food & drink concepts, and all of the intentional amenities that are created to meet the needs of each guest. 

Prime Real Estate 

Printer’s Alley is a car-less street filled with different types of bars and fun places to go out. Photo Analise Flatt. 

Noelle is situated a few blocks away from Broadway and back to back with Printer’s Alley. Many of the iconic Nashville bucket-list items like the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, The Studio B tour, and The Pedestrian Bridge are all within a 15ish-minute walk. 

Food + Drink Concepts 

There are five food and drink concepts throughout Noelle, and each one is unique and offers new experiences to unlock. With each level of the hotel comes a different way to dine. 

At Hidden Bar, every theme is designed down to every detail which allows guests to fully enter into the magic. Photo courtesy Noelle.

Let’s start out at the very bottom, also known as Noelle’s best kept secret, Hidden Bar. This mysterious speakeasy is known for fully switching up the vibe, so you never know what type of experience you will stumble across. The entrance is in the back of Makeready L&L, make your way to the end of the hall and turn left. You will find a storage closet that will lead you to an adventure. 

Insider’s Tip: Chef Neff serves his famous lasagna on Friday nights only. Photo courtesy Rebecca Denton.

On the same floor, beneath the lobby, you will find Makeready L&L where you will find libations and liberation. This cozy and open space is here to fill your dining need, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is the type of place that you can start and end your day, and rumor has it that they give a generous pour. 

The bar that looks out on the street is the best seat in the house. Photo courtesy Noelle.

If you go up a floor, you will find yourself in the lobby, home to Drug Store Coffee. This homey & hipster coffee shop is the perfect place to go for a morning caffeine boost, a homemade pastry to satisfy your sweet tooth, or an afternoon pick-me-up. The vibe is open and airy with excellent natural lighting that will fit any occasion from a meeting to enjoying a good read, to people watching, as the Nashville downtown wakes up. 

A robust wine list, classic cocktails, a healthy rotation of craft beers and whiskey flights poured nightly. Photo courtesy Noelle.

When you walk through the lobby, past the Drug Store, you will be in The Trade Room. Upon first glance, you may think that you are at a regular hotel bar, but that is not the case. The modern lounge seating and the extensive menu transport you to the 1930s, while still enjoying the best cocktails, appetizers, handhelds, and entree offerings of 2023. 

The perfect place to enjoy a cold drink on a nice day! Photo Courtesy Noelle.

The time has now come to take it to the top — the rooftop, where Rare Bird is perched. With an inside and an outside, there’s a spot for everyone to enjoy. Imagine this: you are looking out at the beautiful city of Nashville with a curated cocktail in hand, such as The View from the Top (Citadelle Gin, Vermouth, Aperol, Campari, & Peach), in conversation with a great friend– what could be better? 

Going Above & Beyond

The whole hotel was created in a way that screams intentionality. This is seen throughout the rooms as well; it’s obvious that their guest’s comfort is the first concern. 

The natural lighting pours into the modern and simplistic style rooms. Photo courtesy Noelle.

A few little things that make a big difference include the lights and the water. First of all, the rooms have settings next to the bed that allow you to wake up the room and send it to sleep. Imagine, you climb into bed after a long day of exploring the city and all you have to do is press a button that shuts the room down and puts you right to sleep. Then, in the morning (this was my favorite thing ever), you click the wake up button and the room comes alive, which brings excitement in hopes of a full and vibrant day ahead. 

Now let’s talk about the water. Each room gets a few cute little Noelle reusable plastic water bottles for your stay. Each hall has a water filtration system and you can fill your bottle up with still or sparkling ice cold water. 

Fun Additions Past the Noelle Doors

Electric Jane is a Food & Bev + Entertainment collab executed beautifully. Photo courtesy Nathan Zucker.

Nashville is all about experiencing music in a new way, right? This is why The Electric Jane fits perfectly in Music City. The Electric Jane is not what you would expect from the outside, but a modern day dining and entertainment club. If you are in the mood for dinner, unique cocktails, and a show, then this is the perfect choice for you. The live entertainment is super groovy and great to sing along to. This is the type of dining experience that will stick with you. Trip tip: order the cheese on fire for a show. 

A sneak peak at the last stop on the tour, mini donuts packed with flavor! Photo courtesy Underground Donut Tour.

If you love sweets, walking, and history – or you just have a deep love for donuts, The Nashville Underground Donut Tour has your name all over it. On the tour, not only will you taste the best of Nashville donuts, but you get to try a variety of different types. No two donuts are the same on this tour.   Listen, walk and taste works of art. 

Cover Photo courtesy Noelle

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