From CERN to Cobblestones: My Swiss Summer of Science, Serenity, and Scenic Splendors!

by David Garudo on September 19, 2023 in Travels,

Escape to the shores of Lake Geneva and lose yourself in the medieval charms of Switzerland’s Canton of Vaud. From the flower-lined streets of fairy tale Yvoire to Nyon’s lakeside vineyards, immerse yourself in storybook Swiss villages and sophisticated lakefront towns. Join me on an idyllic journey through quintessential Swiss destinations like Coppet, Founex, Nyon, and more. 

Through hard work, perseverance, and perhaps a bit of Swiss luck, I landed the opportunity of a lifetime – a summer Internship at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”, or European Council for Nuclear Research), the birthplace of the internet, nestled on the Franco-Swiss border just outside Geneva. While the official purpose of my visit to the Swiss country was to work alongside an international team dabbling in quarks, antimatter, and cutting-edge physics experiments, the best ‘unofficial’ part was experiencing Switzerland itself.

Rather than staying in the heart of busy Geneva, I opted for the picturesque village of Founex (a municipality in the district of Nyon in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland) for the opportunity to immerse myself in the idyllic side of Switzerland. And I’m glad I did! 

Founex – Lake Geneva’s Hidden Gem: Biking and Basking in Founex’s Beauty

Golden Horizons in Founex: Endless Wheat Fields Embrace the Beauty of Open Skies and Outdoor Serenity. Photo David Garudo.

Nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva, the scenic village of Founex charmed me as an idyllic Swiss escape. Beyond the village’s immediate beauty, the surrounding landscape offered a visual treat: vast expanses of golden wheat fields, verdant apple orchards, and rolling vineyards that seemed to stretch infinitely, providing a picturesque canvas of nature’s bounty. 

On Two Wheels and a Breath of Fresh Air! Discovering the Backcountry of Canton de Vaud. Photo David Garudo.

When not unraveling physics at CERN, I spent sunny days strolling the tiny town center, where the glistening blue waters of the lake beckoned me to cool off with a swim. The main mode of transport is by bicycle, and I quickly adopted the local custom of biking along the lakefront to cafes, shops, and hiking trails.

Founex comes alive on market days, as locals sell fresh produce, baked goods, and handicrafts in the main square. I’d browse the stalls before relaxing at a cafe terrace, sampling Switzerland’s famous chocolate. The flower-adorned chalets, views of the distant Alps, and locals pedaling by with baguettes or fondue pots made me feel far from the bustle of Geneva.

Where Pink Hues Meet Azure Blues: The Enchanting Église Saint-Robert of Founex. Photo David Garudo.

For afternoon hikes, I biked to the nearby Jura hills, following scenic vineyards and Alpine foothills, never wanting these idyllic wonderings to end. One favorite stop was the Église Saint-Robert, its pink exterior lined with century-old trees on the lakefront. With so much natural beauty surrounding this Swiss village, I found myself wanting to hop back on my bike and explore every waterside path and mountain trail. Transporting me back in time with its old-world charm yet keeping me active with a bike-friendly vibe, Founex gave me my perfect taste of quintessential Switzerland.

Coppet – Exploring Coppet’s Château and Charms

Château de Coppet: Where Centuries of Swiss Heritage Grace the Shores of Lake Geneva. Photo David Garudo.

Just a brief bike ride away from Founex lies the stately town of Coppet. Though Coppet might look like a small port village on the surface, it is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit for any traveler visiting the area. At the heart of this unassuming port village is the magnificent 18th-century Château de Coppet. The Château, a hallmark of the little town, was once the residence of the renowned writer Madame de Staël. Visitors to Coppet are invited to step back in time with a tour of the château. As a visitor, you are invited to wander through opulent rooms furnished with period antiques and then stroll through the expansive grounds of the château, a masterful blend of French and English landscaping. These gardens offer visitors a moment of reflection and admiration. The only catch is the tours are exclusively in French, so this limitation presents an opportunity to dust off your French listening skills or let your imagination run wild, to weave tales of illustrious events that the château’s walls have witnessed. 

Coppet’s Tranquil Harbor: Where the Port’s Charm Meets the Expansive Beauty of Lake Geneva. Photo David Garudo.

Beyond the château, Coppet’s port area is a hive of activity. At the port, one can watch boats glide across the lake, enjoy cooling off in the serene waters of the lake, or enjoy a meal along the promenade lined with charming eateries. Art lovers will appreciate the rich galleries and the Foundation Martin Bodmer Museum, a sanctuary for medieval manuscripts and rare artifacts that provide a window into Europe’s rich cultural past. 

Coppet deserves more than a mere chance visit; it should be a deliberate destination on your journey through the Canton of Vaud.

Nyon – Jewel of Lake Geneva: Where Cobblestones Meet Concerts

Nyon’s Historic Charm Unveiled from Lake Geneva’s Waters. Photo David Garudo.

You can continue on your tour of the Canton of Vaud on a bike, or ferry, or hop on the Gare de Coppet (train). Five miles away from Coppet and located just 15 miles northeast of Geneva’s city center is the larger historic town of Nyon. The historic town of Nyon makes a great base to explore Lake Geneva. 

In Nyon, Fountains Dance Amidst Vibrant Blooms, Offering Both Aesthetic Delight and Alpine Refreshment. Photo David Garudo.

One can meander through the charming old town streets, passing well-preserved architecture, cozy cafes, and boutiques.  Intricate fountains decorated in summer flowers flow on nearly every corner, offering free chilled drinking water straight from the Swiss Alps. 

Atop Nyon’s Castle: Gazing Over Timeless Rooftops with Lake Geneva Stretching Beyond. Photo David Garudo.

For awesome views across the lake, one can hike up to Nyon Castle. After climbing through lovely gardens and narrow staircases, the castle rewards you with stunning panoramas and sublime views across the lake. Inside the castle, you can visit the Porcelain Museum, which displays a large collection of porcelain artifacts. For a unique experience, take a boat tour to discover the picturesque vineyards that surround the town or visit the Roman museum. Nyon is a town steeped in Roman history as the town’s Roman ruins testify to past settlement. Located in the foundations of the basilica, the Roman Museum showcases Nyon’s Roman heritage with artifacts, models, and interactive displays. 

Twinkling Lights & Cobblestone Nights: Nyon’s Enchanted Evening Stroll. Photo David Garudo.

Nyon also offers a vibrant cultural scene with its numerous festivals and events. A visit to Nyon often serendipitously aligns with a concert or a captivating rotating exhibit in one of the town’s art galleries and museums. Each July, the Paléo Festival rocks Nyon with world music acts that draw crowds from far and wide. Nyon offers many cafes, shops, and restaurants to spend warm afternoons or long Swiss evenings. With its blend of old and new, Nyon makes the perfect Swiss lakeside retreat.

Yvoire – Following the Flower Trail to Medieval Yvoire

Finally, no visit to the Lake Geneva region is complete without a day trip to Yvoire. Yvoire is a medieval village built in the early 14th century, located on the French shore of Lake Geneva. It is a tiny town famous for its flower-lined streets and cobblestone lanes. This flowery medieval village on the shore of Lake Geneva is classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France. A visit to Yviore is one of the most popular cruise destinations on Lake Geneva. To get there you’ll take a passenger ferry which operates year-round and has up to 35 crossings per day in summer. 

From Waters to Walls: Yvoire’s Castle Stands as a Timeless Sentinel of Medieval Splendor

Upon arriving in Yvoire, your eyes will be drawn to the majestic 14th-century Yvoire Castle standing sentinel over Lake Geneva. Once a military fortress controlling trade routes between Geneva, the Rhône Valley, and Italy, today the castle delights photographers and visitors with its medieval splendor.

Yvoire’s Whispered Secrets: A Cobblestoned Journey to the Lake, with Blue Doors Telling Tales of Old. Photo David Garudo.

After admiring the castle, stroll Yvoire’s cobbled lanes lined with boutiques and shops selling Swiss and French gifts and local wares. When you need a break, grab a bite at one of the outdoor cafes in the shady main square before continuing to explore.

Yvoire in Bloom: A Town Draped in Floral Splendor, Where Every Nook Radiates Vibrant Life. Photo David Garudo.

The jewel of Yvoire is the Jardin des Cinq Sens, a labyrinth-style “Garden of the Five Senses” classified as a Remarkable Garden by the French Ministry of Culture. Touch, smell, eat, and meander through fragrant plantings, tranquil ponds, and soothing waterfalls in this natural oasis in the heart of the village.

Streets of Yvoire: Where cobble stoned Boutique Lanes Beckon and Every Shop Door Whispers an Invitation to Enter. Photo David Garudo.

Complete your visit with a leisurely lakeside promenade offering panoramic vistas of sapphire waters and distant mountain peaks. With its old-world alleyways, charming shops, and fairytale garden, Yvoire is a step back in time to an idyllic era.


Cover Photo David Garudo

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