#TravelTuesday: Hilton Head Health for a Healthy Escape

by Marika Flatt on November 19, 2019 in Travels,
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Hilton Head Island (15 miles from north to south) is known for its golf, beach and nature. It’s a popular destination for family beach vacations and a beautiful setting for retirement. 

But we’ve also discovered Hilton Head Health, where people come from all over the country to find a healthy escape. Nestled in the pine trees of the Shipyard Plantation (a wooded residential neighborhood), H3, as its called, is a beacon of hope for those wanting to jumpstart a healthy routine.

Hilton Head Health’s facilities sit in a wooded neighborhood on Hilton Head Island called Shipyard Plantation. Courtesy photo

Some come for the Living Well Program, which is essentially a healthy getaway, where you make your own choices throughout the day for how you want to spend your time and what you want to eat. Others come for the JumpStart Program, at least a week in length, where there’s an intake, consultation and assessment. This is their core program which provides a guest “a group within a group” for them to do exactly what its called, jumpstart a healthier way of life. The third option is longer term, called LoseWell, a structured four-week (or longer) program. Those guests are basically living at H3 for a period of time and must attend a certain number of exercise classes per day with a monitored menu.

Hilton Head Health has an incredible selection of delicious dishes in appropriate portion sizes. Courtesy photo

Interestingly enough, weighing is optional at H3. Importance is placed on mindset, overcoming long-term obstacles to health, getting moving and making better choices– not on a number on the scale. Healthy living education classes are offered each day so guests can learn important skills such as portion control, dealing with stress for mindful living, maximizing metabolism and meal planning at home.

Try your hand at cooking a healthy gourmet meal with the help of a professional chef at H3. Courtesy photo

Guests eat in the True Restaurant with a menu that offers proper portions of tasty whole foods presented beautifully. Breakfast might be avocado toast. Lunch might be a veggie burger on whole grain bun and dinner might be a whole grain pasta blended with zucchini noodles under a spaghetti meat sauce. Dessert is offered twice per week and wine can be ordered by the (4-oz pour) glass or by the bottle (which is kept in the kitchen with your name on it). 

Various types of accommodations are offered from one-to-three bedroom condos (all including a kitchen—even though there’s no need to fix your own meals—and a washer/dryer so you can pack light). If you come alone, you can opt to be paired up with one or multiple roommates in a condo. Regardless, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and relaxing abode after a busy day exerting yourself in fitness classes.

Get fit at Hilton Head Health with the help of a personal trainer or by taking advantage of their group classes, offered all day long. Courtesy photo

Group fitness classes are at the core of the program at H3. You’ll have the opportunity to try many exercises you’ve never experienced. Classes such as marching band cardio blast (created by an H3 trainer who was the drum major of his high school band), drums alive (a fun class that provides a good arm workout to high energy music), and country heat live (basically, line dancing) are unique and fun. Standard classes such as TRX circuit, hydro circuit and pilates burn might be more familiar to some people. Regardless, guests have the option of taking back-to-back classes from approximately 8am-5pm each day. 

Book a massage and facial for your visit, ahead of time, for the evening so you can end your Hilton Head Health day in bliss. Courtesy photo

H3 is not spa-focused but The Indigo Spa exists to provide the perfect ending to a day of fitness. You can enjoy an early dinner (True opens at 5pm for dinner), followed by an Indigo Custom Massage or Indigo Organic Signature Facial, the absolute ideal way to end your day, pampering your body that you’ve possibly pushed to the max. Enjoy your treatment, followed by a cup of hot tea and get a ride back to your dwelling where, when your head hits the pillow, you’ll be in dreamland for the night. 

H3’s program is built on sustaining a healthy lifestyle, with an approach that really resonates with people, many coming back year after year. Fall and spring are high times, with summer and holidays being more of a low season. Whether you’re looking for a healthy escape, a jumpstart or a long-term program to change your body and mind, Hilton Head Health and its beautiful surroundings await to inspire and educate you. 

Three Recommendations for Your H3 Visit:

1. Do not feel the need to pack fancy clothes. You’ll be just fine wearing your workout clothes. (Yes, even to dinner.)

2. Your condo might be up to a mile from the main center, so you will want to rent a bicycle to get back and forth. Cycling around the Shipyard Plantation is one of the highlights of a visit. 

3. Read the schedule the day before and, with a highlighter, plan out your schedule for the following day. That way, you’ll choose the classes and workshops that sound right for you and be able to pack what you need in your H3 backpack for the day. 

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Cover photo courtesy Hilton Head Health

Marika Flatt is the Travel Editor at Texas Lifestyle Magazine. She puts physical and mental health towards the top of her priorities and was lucky enough to get to share this experience with her 75-year old mom who is a great role model for staying active.