#TravelTuesday: Why Tulum is the Healthiest Vacation You’ll Take This Spring

by Cara Caulkins on April 16, 2019 in Travels,
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Forget what you know about other Mexican resort destinations.

With direct flights into Cancun, and an easy transfer south, Tulum has been attracting international tourists consistently over the past two decades. But what makes this vacation gem sparkle in the Mayan sun is it’s overall focus on wellness, spirituality, clean eating and a healthy lifestyle.

This is not your average all-inclusive, drink all the sugary pina coladas you can possibly imagine. No, Tulum is a special unicorn where beachfront safari tents and vegan tacos are the norm and interesting people from all over the world gather for full moon parties while sipping organic, fresh margaritas.

Enjoy the light breeze and lapping ocean waves at sunset on one of Tulum’s sparkling beaches.
Photo Cara Caulkins

Fab, Fit & Fun

Whether you adventure out of town to hike around the Tulum ruins or cenotes, or stay beachside and rent a bike for the day, staying active during your trip is easy and fun. Nearly every beachfront hotel can assist in water sports and activities and for more adventurous ocean lovers, snorkeling at Akumal is a must! Looking to experience an indigenous Mayan ritual? Try a temazcal (sweatlodge) for a deep detox to purify the mind, body and spirit. For those wanting to take part in local yoga classes, one of the most beautiful spots, is Sanara, which allows students to flow and downward dog while catching a breeze direct off the ocean.

For adventurous ocean lovers, snorkeling at Akumal is a must on a visit to Tulum. Photo Robert Baker/Unsplash

Eats & Drinks

It is nearly impossible to eat anything in Tulum that isn’t fresh, organic and delicious. World-class chefs utilize traditional cooking methods while incorporating trending ingredients and flavors that fill you up without you feeling heavy. For those wanting a vacation cocktail, mixologists whip up delicious spirit concoctions with fresh herbs and fruits that leave you satisfied without the next-day headache!

Try an oceanside table at Nomade Tulum for atmosphere, vibes and a delicious brunch or lunch.
Photo Cara Caulkins

Pretty much all diets are catered for across the city. Casual eateries for daytime tacos or smoothies include Charly’s Vegan Tacos and Matcha Mama. Looking for atmosphere, vibes and a delicious brunch or lunch? Try an oceanside table at Nomade, Mi Amor, Habitas or Real Coconut.

Habitas is a favorite dining spot in Tulum, where pretty much all diets are catered for across the city.
Photo Cara Caulkins

For the best, fresh farm-to-table cuisine and organic cocktails, perfect for a romantic dinner date or group party, don’t miss Hartwood or Arca.  You wouldn’t think of Italian food as a specialty in Mexico, but family-friendly Posada Margherita boasts some of the best pizza and pasta ever tasted outside of Italy and the atmosphere of the restaurant is a visual delight.

Mental Health Detox

The ocean has a calming effect on the body, allowing us to go into a meditative state. What is wonderful about the beach front hotels and lounges in Tulum is that there isn’t loud party DJ music pumping, so you can actually hear the sound of the light breeze and ocean waves. A perfect soundtrack of nature to relax the mind and body.

In need of relaxation? Yaan Wellness is not to be missed. Photo Cara Caulkins

Most of us also need a digital detox on vacation so it’s great that the beach area of Tulum has little cell reception and sporadic Wi-Fi, making it a perfect environment to tune off. For those needing even more relaxation, Yaan Wellness is not to be missed. Spend some time in the steam room, hot and cold plunge pools before enjoying a full body massage in an outdoor casita for the ultimate bliss!

Overall, Tulum is one of the most relaxing and healthy getaways you will find, perfect for a solo, couple or group destination!

Cover photo: The South Beaches in Tulum, Nate Hake

Cara Caulkins is an avid traveler and adventurer. When not wandering around the world, she runs a boutique PR and events agency in Austin, TX.