TX Hill Country Glamping Has Wings (Literally)

by Brook Benten on January 30, 2024 in Travels,

This Texas Hill Country hotspot features camping-glamping, glamping-glamping, and glamping with wings.

At The Retreat on the Hill, you can find a peaceful slice of paradise. The property is located at 4325 Cottonwood Dr., Cottonwood Shores, TX 78657. Dial that in your Google Maps and you’ll see that paradise is closer than you thought.

For the Camper-Glamper

The Tipis suit the “Camper-Glamper.” Photo courtesy The Retreat on the Hill.

For the primitive glamper, there are tipis. Two tipis create a single suite. Although with less zhuzh than other suite options, the tipis offer a queen bed, air conditioning, a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and Alexa for music. So, this is camping, compared to the souped-up suites. But by all tent-pitching, sleeping bag standards, this is a lake away from “roughing it.” 

For the Glamper-Glamper

Bird’s Nest suits the “Glamper-Glamper.” Photo courtesy The Retreat on the Hill.

For the glamper, there is the Bird’s Nest. This three-story, open air treehouse is like a rich person’s “fort.” The main deck has a sectional that can be pushed together to form a queen bed. The second deck has a bed, hanging from ropes, with a queen-sized mattress. A hammock is a great place to read or catch a catnap. The tippity top of The Bird’s Nest offers a suspended tent where you can sleep under the stars.

For Glamping with Wings

Wings suits the glampiest glamper of all: “Glamping with Wings.” Photo courtesy The Retreat on the Hill.

For the glittery glamper, there’s Wings. “Wings” offers guests an A-frame with four 10-foot doors that open like airplane wings. When the wings are open, fresh air blows through the suite and the space is one with nature. When the wings are closed, the Queen bed with upstairs bungalow and a glass-sided, multi-jet bathtub are private and disconnected from the rest of the world. “Wings” also gives guests a private restroom, built into a cliff. To boost the novelty of the restroom inside a rock formation, Wings hosts a rainfall shower and a mirror that doubles as art with the flip of a switch.

The Retreat on the Hill was formerly known as Hozhoni on the Hill.

Pro Tips:

Bay View Restaurant & Bar: where the views are as good as the queso. Photo Brook Benten.

Dine at Bay View Restaurant & Bar. Reservations are highly recommended. This restaurant is located adjacent to The Retreat on the Hill and offers the most beautiful patio views of Lake Marble Falls. We enjoyed a sunset reservation and dipped our chips in, dare I say, the best chili con queso in the Austin area.

Horseshoe Bay Nature Park is an easy-level hike, a short drive from The Retreat on the Hill. Photo Brook Benten.

Visit Horseshoe Bay Nature Park, just a quick 10 minutes up the road. This safe dirt trail offers a well-maintained loop that’s welcoming to all fitness levels. For a more challenging hike, try Horseshoe Creek Hiking Trail, even closer to property!

The outside of The Mirror House leaves the high-end decor on the inside to your imagination. But take a glimpse here for the gorgeous interior. Photo courtesy The Retreat on the Hill.

Glitter your glamp with rhinestones and sequins by booking a stay at The Mirror House, The Retreat on the Hill’s newest suite. The Mirror House just opened this month (it was under construction during our stay, so we got to see a hardhat look at what was to come). It offers the largest accommodation on property and is made from one-way mirrors. You can see out but no one can see in. If you’re like me and prefer a King-sized bed in a luxurious suite (bedazzle my glamp, please), The Mirror House may have your name written all over it.

The Retreat on the Hill is located on Lake Marble Falls. Rates range from $85-400 per night. Book your suite at www.TheRetreatOnTheHill.com.

The lower deck of Wings provides a serene sitting space to read a good book. Photo courtesy Brook Benten.


Cover Photo Courtesy The Retreat on the Hill

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