TX Away: Ride the Line Between Camping and Glamping at Green Acres

by Gracie Watt on January 23, 2023 in Travels,

Green Acres ATX truly is the place to be if farm living is the life for you!

Green Acres ATX is nestled in Elgin, TX, conveniently located nearby Austin, Cedar Creek, Bastrop and more. This spot is aptly named as the fields of green are luscious and make for some scenic Texas views. This is a great place to just slow down and watch a sunset while you feel secluded from city life. 


In 1934, Wally Byam introduced the name “Airstream” because his improved trailers cruised down the road “like a stream of air,” according to Colonial Airstream. At Green Acres, you have a chance to stay in your very own. Photo Gracie Watt

Green Acres has a couple of options when it comes to lodging. I wanted an experience unlike I’ve ever had, so we decided to stay in the vintage airstream trailer. This was a wonderful decision as this little silver bullet trailer had everything we needed like a comfortable bed, a great AC system – which is necessary for our Texas weather, a record player, mini fridge and a desk.

The interior of the airstream is a surprisingly spacious mint green area that has amenities such as a comfortable bed, AC and much more. Photo Gracie Watt

While there wasn’t a kitchen in the trailer, it was no problem because the main kitchen is located in the communal vintage barn just steps away, which was actually formerly owned by the LBJ family. This kitchen is definitely very rustic, but will have everything you need. 

If you want to stay at Green Acres but aren’t committed to the airstream, they also have chic yurts and an RV for larger parties. Photo Gracie Watt

The different properties consist of the Vintage Airstream, a Vintage Spartan Mansion Camper RV, four Yurts, and if you want to be secluded from all of these they even have an Eco-Cabin Lodge – all of which have their own designated bathrooms and showers. 

On The Property

Green Acres was started by the Johnson, McCharen, and Kiesel families, who wanted to provide a true getaway with comfortable amenities. Photo Gracie Watt

Spread out among the green acres are hammocks, fire pits with chairs, games like cornhole, frisbee and more, and even a donkey enclosure where friends Yoti and Donkey dwell. We truly missed these two when we left! They are so sweet and love to eat carrots, so make sure you bring some to feed them. There is an H-E-B about 11 minutes away for any grocery needs you have. 

Donkey & Yoti love attention and gentle pets from visitors. Bring a bag of baby carrots prior to your arrival to feed them, they love their carrots! Photo Gracie Watt

Exploring Elgin

Elgin is a small town, but we found lots to do on their Main Street. There are many small, local businesses such as Chemn Cafe which is where we started our day. We were lucky enough to go on a day where they were having their bagel bar and an art walk, highlighting local artists. The woman-owned, chemistry themed cafe was a great place to hang out as they had great coffee and chess as well as lots of other games. They have a pretty extensive menu consisting of sandwiches, frittatas and much more.

Green Acres is not far from the small town of Elgin. On their Main Street you’ll find charming shops like Chemn Cafe which has a science theme. They have local charm, plenty of games and delicious food and coffee. Photo Gracie Watt

We also went thrift shopping on N Main Street and wandered into New Bohemia/NewBo which had lots of stylish vintage clothes for fair prices. There are many vintage stores and other great local businesses to choose from. 

Day At The Dino Park

Cedar Creek isn’t too far a drive from Green Acres either, and there you can be transported back in time at the Dinosaur Park! This educational park has been providing enrichment for dino-lovers of all ages since 2005. Photo Gracie Watt

The Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek is not too far from Green Acres as well. This park was also started by a family and has so many life-size dinosaur replicas. It is definitely an enjoyable excursion for people of all ages, as you are sure to learn something new about the creatures. I didn’t know how many bones have actually been discovered in Texas and surrounding areas. It’s crazy to think about how dinosaurs used to walk around where we live. 

From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Stegosaurus and many more, The Dino Park has such a huge collection! You are sure to learn a lot and have fun at the Dinosaur Park. Photo Gracie Watt

The park is an outdoor walking path where you can play I-Spy to try and spot all of the different types of dinosaurs creeping in the forest. The gift shop has tons of dino-themed souvenirs and they have a playground with a dig-your-own fossil pit and more exciting activities. 

More Attractions Nearby Green Acres

1) Horseback Riding: Suncrest Farms – Located in Manor, TX, about 20 miles (est. 23-26 minutes).

2) Swimming: McKinney Falls State. It’s about a 24 minute drive. Onion Creek runs through it and there are plenty of natural pools to swim in. 

3) Hiking: McKinney Falls State Park and Bastrop State Park. Both are about 20-25 minutes away.

4) Water / River Activities: Bastrop River Co. – They do kayaking, canoeing, moonlight stand-up paddle boarding, & tubing all on the Colorado River.


1) Roadhouse (Bastrop, TX)

2) Roadstand (Cedar Creek, TX) 

3) PawPaw’s Catfish  (Bastrop, TX — Fried Catfish)

4) Gracie Miller (Bastrop, TX — Chicken fried steak)

5) Neighbors (Bastrop, TX — Pizza) 

6) Honey’s (Smithville, TX )

7) Siam Thai (Bastrop, TX—Takeout)  

8) Aviator Pizza & Brewery (Elgin, TX)

9) Southside Market & BBQ (Elgin, TX) 

10) Meyers Sausage, Smokehouse & BBQ (Elgin, TX)

11) Snow’s BBQ (Lexington, TX)

Address: 2889 Farm to Market Road 1704, Elgin, Texas


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Cover photo Gracie Watt

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