TX Away: The Yurtopian, Wimberley Glamping Escape

by Gracie Watt on February 25, 2023 in Travels,

If privacy and luxury are on your glamping must-have list, The Yurtopian in Wimberley is the place for you.


Nestled in the rolling hills of Wimberley, a lovely little town in Texas’s Hill Country, is The Yurtopian. You will feel transported to a truly utopian land with the vast space and secluded, luxurious yurts with cozy glamping accommodations. They also have a Dripping Springs location.

Sleep in the comfort of your secluded, private yurt which features a king-sized bed, a desk and a couch area. Photo Gracie Watt

Founded in March 2019, The Yurtopian was designed and created by the dynamic husband-wife team of Ann-Tyler & Brian Konradi. After more than 20 years traveling around the globe and living in far-flung regions of the world, the Konradis settled in Wimberley, Texas. They have three daughters and a small, black maltipoo who is Head of Ranch Security.

Honoring Tradition At The Yurtopian

While staying in Greta Ger, you can enjoy a glass of wine watching the sunset out by your very own fire pit. Photo Gracie Watt

Each yurt or “ger” in the traditional Mongolian term, has unique features. We were delighted to find many of these as we explored our ger for the first time. The creators of The Yurtopian really honored the Mongolian traditions with the design of each yurt. 

The ger door has the traditional Mongolian symbol in beautiful, hand-painted colors. The ropes that hold the yurt up are made of real animal hair and the tent is made of hyde. Upon checking in, you will find a detailed guide of your yurt that explains all the traditions and meaning behind the elements. There is even a special way that you are supposed to enter the yurt. There are many rules of Mongolian etiquette that the Yurtopian informs guests of. 

A Stay At Greta Ger

Remote yurt, “Greta Ger,” has its own outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and grill, plus a private bathroom with outdoor shower. The kitchen and bath are covered by a spectacular rooftop deck. Photo Gracie Watt

Remote yurt, “Greta Ger,” has most of its accommodations outdoors. Here you will have your own outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, grill, and basically all the essentials you will need, including pour-over coffee. There is also a private bathroom with an outdoor shower, so you can feel even more connected to nature. The shower’s water gets really hot and the water pressure is awesome. Up the spiral staircase, there is a spectacular rooftop deck good for viewing the hills in the daytime and the stars at nighttime. In front of the yurt you even have your own personal fire pit. All of these amenities being outside really helped me to feel connected to nature, and provided the relaxing cleanse and escape I had hoped for. 

At the Greta Ger yurt, there is a nearby ditch that we went down in and explored. There are many nearby hiking areas that you can find in the guidebook upon arrival, but exploring the grounds is a blast too. Photo Gracie Watt

Greta Ger is overlooking a beautiful wet-weather ravine with cool boulders, ferns and trees down in the grotto. It’s a bit steep, but we had fun hiking around in the ravine. Greta is also the only “hike-in” unit with parking on one side of the ravine and the yurt situated on the other. The distance between the parking, across the bridge and up to your yurt is around 350 feet. The bridge has a gate with lots of “love locks,” where you can see the couples who stayed before you. Our favorite feature of Greta Ger had to be the outdoor TV and hot tub however. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch a movie in a hot tub under the stars!

At the Yurtopian, you have your own private hot tub that changes colors and you can watch movies and TV shows while you soak! Photo Gracie Watt

There are nine yurts at the Wimberley location, three of which have Blanco River access. These are Rosa Ger, Lola Ger and Ella Ger. There is even a spa on site that is set up in its own yurt as well. If you book ahead, they have a service where they can do a massage in your yurt. Head to The Yurtopian’s website to book your massage and read each individual yurt’s descriptions to find out which one is the best fit for your trip. 

Star gazing is amazing at the Yurtopian. Head up to your private deck to lounge on the chairs and hammock as you watch the stars. Photo Gracie Watt

Out and About in Wimberley

Fall in the small town of Wimberley is hard to beat as the orange trees create a beautiful scenery. Photo Gracie Watt

Another feature about Yurtopian that we loved is its proximity to lots of dining, wineries and activities. They provide guide books in the yurt upon check in that have detailed suggestions in your area. 

The drive to Creekhouse Kitchen from Yurtopian is awesome in the fall, as you drive over a body of water that reflects the sunset on a narrow road. This is a great spot for a healthy meal, as they have plenty of salads, bowls, tacos, and healthy sides. Photo Gracie Watt

As Wimberley is in the Hill Country, there are countless wineries and vineyards nearby. The Yurtopian has some suggestions of which ones to visit. If you’re more into beer, there’s tons of bars and breweries nearby as well! If the weather is nice, as it often is in Texas, you can check out all the Wimberley hiking and swimming and nature experiences. The small town also has a surprisingly great food scene, with tons of local spots to satisfy any palate. 

A Perfect Day At The Yurtopian: Our Suggested Itineraries

Sign your name on one of these “love locks” and throw away the key for an everlasting love! This bridge leads to Greta Ger. Photo Gracie Watt

– Arrive for check in at 3 p.m. Sign your initials on one of the “love locks” on the bridge to Greta Ger.

– Hike in the nearby ravine and explore The Yurtopian grounds.

– Take a shower in the outdoor shower.

– Head to Creekhouse Kitchen & Bar. The set up of this restaurant is really cool with an indoor-outdoor vibe. It looks like it maybe used to be a garage or an auto body shop. They have a bar and a full drink menu with cocktails, wine and beer. Cocktails such as “Jacob’s Well” are delicious and allude to nearby Texas treasures. The Creekhouse Burger is their signature. I went for the WTX Power bowl, full of protein and perfect for a vegetarian like me. They have a great selection of desserts and we got two mini chocolate cannolis to go. 

– There are many shops and little vintage stores around Creekhouse, but make sure that you head over earlier if you want to check them out, as most close by 6 p.m. or so. 

– Head back to The Yurtopian site. 

– Take advantage of the service to have massages in your yurt. 

– Catch the sunset on the viewing deck, where there are chairs and a hammock, and stay up there to stargaze.

– The next morning, you can make coffee with the pour over coffee that Yurtopian provides. It’s delicious and relaxing to drink up on the viewing deck too. Don’t forget to sign the guest book before you leave!

– Check out is at 11 a.m., so after that head to Mima’s Kitchen for breakfast tacos. These were the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had. The tortillas were so delicious and almost tasted like pancakes, but better. This place is authentic and being there, you could tell that the Wimberley locals really supported it, as there was a line of many people who all seemed to know each other– just another charming small town aspect of Wimberley that I love. 

A painting I did of the local foliage and our Greta Ger. Photo Gracie Watt

Address: 135 Winn Ranch Road Wimberley, TX 78676


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