Weekender: Austin Adventure Abounds — Two New Spots for Family Fun

by Doug and Marika Flatt on June 3, 2021 in Travels, Austin,

Our great state is always coming up with new ways to keep us entertained. Whether you’re looking for new family adventures or just want to get out there and explore with a group of friends, find your spot near Austin at the two latest places fit for the adventurer: REVL Social Club, Austin’s and Battleground Ranch. 

The two indoor roller coasters at Austin’s are fit for bigger kids and adults alike! If you’re a thrill seeker, these rides are for you – Austin’s Tower Drop and Barreling Rapids Roller Coaster. Courtesy photo

REVL + Austin’s

The former Austin Park & Pizza, on I-35 near Pflugerville and Wells Branch, has rebranded for an all-new family experience like no other in the Austin area! Meet REVL Social Club and Austin’s. They still have some of the same great outdoor attractions they’ve always been known for, like the go-karts, mini golf and bumper boats, but they’ve completely revamped the interior. 

Curling, anyone? The Olympics have made the sport of curling one of fascination and intrigue. Try your hand at curling indoors at Austin’s. Purchase a wristband for all-day/ all-evening fun, with curling being one of many family activities you can try. Simply grab your curling pack from the bar and get to shuffling. 

You’ll find over 150 arcade games, video games and prize winning challenges at REVL’s neighbor, Austin’s. Play the latest video games in the gigantic game arena. Injustice Arcade, Time Crisis 5, Big Buck Hunter Trophy, Walking Dead, classic video games and many more. Courtesy photo

Hours of Family Fun

Other indoor games include: ultra insta-worthy pingpong courts, billiards with copper ceilings, elevated dart bays, an arcade, bowling, laser tag and even an indoor roller coaster. We’re talking hours of family fun; and did we mention, you can walk around with your cold beer or fruity cocktail? 

In-house Restaurant — REVL

The new in-house restaurant, REVL, offers a long menu of pub grub and tasty bar food. Surrounded by big screens, you can watch your favorite sports on one of many 85” TVs, in a luxe booth or kick back in comfy chairs. The expansive menu offers apps like loaded french fries, salads like a spicy taco salad, tacos (carnitas, anyone?), pizzas, and desserts such as Ice Cream Nachos. (Cinnamon sugar-covered nachos joined with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, topped with Ghirardelli dark chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips and whipped cream!)

REVL’s delicious sundae is made from a cinnamon sugar tortilla bowl loaded with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Topped with whipped cream, Boom Chicka Pop sweet & salty popcorn, Ghirardelli chocolate, caramel sauce and three cherries, this dessert is a customer favorite. Courtesy photo

Pro Tip

The Milburger is a fan favorite (1/3 lb burger with thick-cut bacon and smoked gouda). Enjoy that treat with one of their unique cocktails like The Banderita Cocktail, or an ice-cold craft beer. Stay an hour or stay all day. This new and improved entertainment mecca will keep the whole family entertained. Make time to enjoy both indoor and out!

The Milburger, pictured here, is a fan favorite at REVL Social Club! The 1/3 lb burger with thick-cut bacon and smoked gouda also arrives with baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, sweet horseradish pickles, red onions and apple cider vinaigrette. Courtesy photo

Battleground Ranch

A combat simulation experience has come to Austin that puts you into a real-life, first-person-shooter video game. Called Battleground Ranch, it’s located in Del Valle, about 20 minutes southwest of Austin Bergstrom Airport.

Try your hand in the Last Man Standing battle, where players try to survive until the end, with no respawns. (Last man standing wins!) A shrinking perimeter from a central battle box forces players to upgrade weapons quickly and fight through the combat zone. Players outside the combat zone take radiation damage until they reach safety or are eliminated. Photo courtesy Battleground Ranch

Tactical Combat Arena

Over 5 acres, the tactical combat arena uses Next-Gen technology to give players an immersive experience with mystery boxes, weapon changes, ammo, armor, re-spawning, health upgrades, and changing game modes. Using IR technology, players can shoot accurately at distances of up to 700 ft and upgrade to over 300 weapon emulations. 

Game Modes

All game modes last an hour, but not every game mode is structured the same. Some games, like Domination, are played in two 30-minute segments. Other games — like Search & Destroy — are best out of 5.

There are currently 11 standard game modes offered and each month BR offers special modes and events. Some of the popular standard game modes include Battle Royale, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Three Point Domination.  

This tactical combat arena brings all your favorite video games to life. Come with a group of gamer friends or battle with strangers in this real-life combat experience. Photo courtesy Battleground Ranch

Special Events

June 20th is Dads vs. Grads team death match and July 3rd is Veteran Games — a battle of the military branches.  Keep checking the online calendar for upcoming game modes and events. The standard game modes change every 6 months to keep the games fresh and include only popular games.

BR is also available for group and team building events. Your group can book a full hour for a weekend session and play the game mode that is set up for that time spot. Or, if you come in for a two-hour private event, you’ll choose whatever game mode your group wants. 

Standard pricing for Battleground Ranch is $29.99/player for Tactical Combat and $19.99/player for Combat Archery. Group discounts apply to groups of 12 or more with the recommended age 13+. (For younger players, contact Battleground for private events.) Photo courtesy Battleground Ranch

Pro Tips

§ Bring water with you on the course and keep it in your re-spawn tent, so when you come to re-spawn you can hydrate. (You’re gonna need it!)  Even better, bring a Camelbak with you.

§ The website has convenient, online booking, but if you call to reserve your spot you can describe the type of group you have so the Battleground pros can match you up with a compatible group. Your group of 10-year-olds wouldn’t want to go head-to-head with a group of 20-something active military guys.

§ Watch the tutorial video so you can spend your time strategizing and not figuring out the basics of how the guns and characters work.

§ Get ready for a work out. This is a physical game and you will be worn out from running around the 5-acre complex.

Photo courtesy Battleground Ranch

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Cover photo courtesy Austin’s

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