Discover Exciting Adventures with our Summer Reading List for Kids

by TLM Team on July 7, 2023 in Entertainment,

Get ready to embark on an adventure with this delightful collection of children’s books that will ignite young imaginations and keep them entertained throughout the lazy days of summer.


 C Train by Meredith Rusu (Circle Tales)

C Train is a STEAM-based series and the first from the creative environmental and education company, The Circle Tales. This debut picture book for children ages 4-8 delightfully tells the tale of how a New York City subway train finds a new home thanks to an old friend. Above, the city streets are bustling with activity and below, the C Train happily takes people from all walks of life to their destinations. The train’s favorite passenger is Maya, a Latinx girl with a star barrette who loves the ocean and tells the train stories about sea life. Time passes and the train’s favorite rider grows up to become an engineer, all the while C Train grows older and less reliable until she is finally retired. A surprised C Train encounters Maya again, and the old friends embark on a new journey together. $18.99

If You Give A Girl A Motorcycle

If a speed-hungry, bike-riding girl asks to go faster, you might want to give her a motorcycle. The consequences of giving a motorcycle to a speed-loving girl will make you nervous. However, if you give a girl a motorcycle, she’s going to need a safety lesson first! With each turn of the page, young readers will learn motorcycle parts and motorcycle safety, in this enjoyable picture book! Featuring 11 American Sign Language (ASL) signs, If You Give A Girl A Motorcycle isn’t your typical dual language book. So, if a speed-hungry girl asks to go faster, empower her with a motorcycle and a helmet, because: safety first! $20 on author website (signed copy and exclusive sticker) or $16.99 on Amazon

You Are Growing All The Time

The steady love of a caregiver can help children thrive, even when life is challenging. You Are Growing All the Time recognizes and affirms the physical, social, emotional, and educational growth of children as they grow taller, help a friend who fell off the swings, pause and breathe when angry about losing a game, and ask questions. Written from the perspective of a caring adult speaking to a child, You Are Growing All the Time features charming rhymes, words of affirmation for kids, and a heartwarming message. The book is perfect for storytime, home, the preschool classroom, and whenever children need a reminder of all the ways they’re loved and appreciated. $16.99

Boomer the Curious Bunny

What will Boomer find? Boomer is a curious bunny who loves excitement. Staying home doesn’t offer him the same fun it gives his brothers and sisters, so he hops off to see what he can see. When he does, what do you think awaits him? Join this adorable furry rabbit as he heads off into the city where he meets a range of characters and goes on a variety of adventures. Will his discoveries be the joyful experiences he expects? $19.99

Abuela’s Fideo

Dulce Ramos loves a good mouthwatering bowl of homemade fideo, or noodle soup. Most especially like the kind her beloved Abuela used to make, who recently passed away. Dulce misses her Abuela terribly and wishes she had paid more attention and learned how to make her delicious fideo. Notwithstanding, Dulce embarks on a fideo cooking adventure that she is sure will taste just like Abuelas’. In this touching story of family love and loss, Dulce discovers how cooking has the power to nourish the body as well as the soul. $16.99


Cover Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash