Texas Voices: Singer-Songwriter Grace Tyler Connects With Fans by Bringing a Different Sound to Country Music

by Bob Valleau on July 17, 2023 in Entertainment,

Although she lives in Nashville, Tennessee, now, country music singer-songwriter Grace Tyler was born and raised in Frisco, Texas – and she has not forgotten where she’s from. In fact, on her social media, she claims she is a “Texan Living in Tennessee.” Grace grew up surrounded by the sounds of country music. Her southern charm and natural talent for storytelling have made her a fan favorite in the industry. Her dynamic stage presence, powerful vocals and authenticity have won over audiences everywhere she goes.


Growing Up Country

Country music has always been a part of Grace’s life while growing up in north Texas. She says, “I always grew up around music. My parents would drop my friends and me off at this one bar in town that had kids karaoke night. Singing karaoke is what made me believe that I could be a singer when I grew up. Being in Texas, I felt like I was always surrounded by live music. It’s a huge part of the culture in Texas and made me fall in love with country music even more!”

 Chasing Her Dream

Grace never grew out of her dream to sing. “I always knew I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. It was one of those childhood dreams that I never grew out of, and I’m so glad I didn’t. If I wasn’t in music I could see myself still doing something creative. I did an internship in high school with a wedding venue and loved that! I love bringing joy to people and being able to make memories with them, so anything that would contribute to that I was all in.

Grace Tyler started singing at kid’s karaoke nights at the age of 6. Photo courtesy Red Light Management.

“I say that since moving to Nashville my biggest personal trait is that I’m a Texan. Being from Texas is something I’m so proud of. I loved being surrounded by so much good food, live music, and sports. Leaving Texas was a hard decision because it was leaving the life I loved and the people I loved.  But now my home is Nashville and I’m blessed to be here and chasing my dreams.”

Enjoying Life

In her spare time, Grace enjoys staying active. “In my spare time, I love to stay active. Working out and taking care of my health is a huge priority for me. I’m also a part of a sand volleyball league…we are 2-0 so far this season, woohoo! Growing up around and playing sports, I’m a little competitive and get very passionate about our games.”

Those in the Know

All of us have fears, some more unique than others. A little known fact, except to those close to her, is that Grace hates ketchup. “One fun fact about me is that I HATE ketchup. The people closest to me know this, but it’s a legitimate fear. I never liked it, and the older I’ve gotten the more the smell, texture, everything about it freaks me out. Haha.”


Grace grew up listening to a blend of older country music artists and newer ones. “I grew up listening to so many incredible artists such as Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, George Strait, Faith Hill, Cody Johnson, Miranda Lambert, and Martina McBride. I feel like my influences stem from Texas country music as well as the incredible female artists who paved the path for women today. One of the coolest experiences was working with one of my biggest idols in country music, Lee Brice. He produced two of my songs Bad Boy and Cowboys and Tequila. It was amazing to work with him in the studio and to have Lee’s stamp of approval on my music.”

Grace moved to Nashville after high school to attend Belmont University and pursue her dream of singing and songwriting. Photo courtesy Red Light Management.

Warning Label 

Being an honest songwriter is what Grace is all about. “I wrote Warning Label with one of my favorite writers in town, Jesse LaBelle. I wanted to write a song about who I am in brutal honesty and this is what that song delivered. It’s a song about being single and all the things you don’t necessarily tell someone until they really get to know you.”

Her Favorite

Grace has many favorite songs she has written, but her most favorite is Sound of You Gone. She says, “One of my favorite songs I’ve ever written is my latest single, Sound of You Gone. It’s a song about losing someone, whether that is in a breakup or even them passing away. It’s extremely vulnerable and talks about how hard it can be to lose the sounds associated with someone. Those sounds of them gone is a constant reminder of what one is missing. It’s been a surreal experience getting to hear from people and their connection to this song. It’s really shown how strong people are and I feel honored that my words can help in the grieving process for so many.”

Anything Is Possible

Ever since she was young, Grace has always believed in the impossible. “I hope my story shows that anything is possible. Hard work and determination are the only way to see dreams come true. I’m just a girl from Texas who knew she loved to sing. If I can live this dream then anyone can. Pour your heart into your music and don’t be afraid to be told no. As cliche as it sounds, every no was just one step closer to a yes. It’s also okay to fail. I’ve had shows that haven’t gone well and written songs that I will never share with anyone because they are so bad. But each of those set-backs taught me a lesson and made me into a better musician.

“I have new music coming out soon, so make sure to follow me on social media for announcements on when the music will be released as well as what city I’ll be playing next.”







Cover photo courtesy Red Light Management.

Bob Valleau is a regular entertainment contributor for Texas Lifestyle Magazine.