Five Minutes With Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, Partners With Yelp For “Make It Happen” Day

by Gracie Watt on September 9, 2022 in Entertainment,

Bobby Berk is a Texas native who has made it big by being part of the fab five of popular lifestyle-improvement reality show “Queer Eye.” 


This year, he’s teaming up with Yelp for “Make It Happen Day” to help Texas residents with home improvements – Berk’s specialty. We got the chance to ask him more about it. 

Bobby Berk, design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host, has teamed up with Yelp to help Texans make updates and repairs to their homes and businesses as part of Make It Happen Day 2022. Courtesy photo.

Can you tell us about being from Houston and how that impacted your life growing up?

“I was born in Texas, and there is something about the state that will always stay with me, even as I have moved all over the U.S. Texans have a real love for their state, a deep sense of community, and really big hearts. I think I’ve always had that and take pride in who I am, and it comes from my Texas roots.”

Austin’s Texas French Bread, pictured prior to a devastating fire, is one of the small businesses that will receive funding through “Make It Happen” Day. Photo Yelper Jin C.

 What inspired you to partner with Yelp for this cause?

“I’m passionate about improving people’s homes – and their lives, so this is a cause that is near and dear to me. I think taking even the smallest steps toward making your space a more beautiful and functional place to live can make such a huge difference. ‘Make It Happen Day’ encourages people to embrace making their house a home with Yelp where you can discover and support small businesses that can help you make those home improvements.”

Mico’s Hot Chicken will receive funding through “Make It Happen” Day. Photo Yelper Lyla A.

 Can you tell us more about this cause and how it will help Texans?

“In addition to giving away $50,000 to Texas residents in need of some home improvements, Yelp is also giving away $50,000 to local Texas businesses to help them make improvements and thrive. That kind of support can really make a difference – and help lots of Texans make it happen.“

Humble: Simply Good Pies, pictured before a fire damaged the building. Photo Ray F. on Yelp

 What is coming up for you – anything you want fans to know?

“I just wrapped filming on the next season of Queer Eye in New Orleans, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet the new heroes and see the amazing makeovers we pulled off! I also have a new product line that will be launching this fall that I’m really excited about.”


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