#FoodieFriday: Austin Eastciders, Your Next Fun Weekend Outing

by Britni Rachal on February 16, 2018 in Food+Drink, Drink, Living Texas, Austin,
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Sweet, bitter, unique and traditional cider flavors, spacious seating and bar games are just part of the charm offered by the new Austin Eastciders tasting room.

A homegrown brand that’s growing in recognition across the country, the 1,960 square-foot tap room is a first for Austin Eastciders. Located in a growing East Austin neighborhood, the new addition is located next door to Friends and Allies Brewing Company, Austin Bouldering Project and Springdale Station.

Arriving at the Austin Eastciders tasting room, you’ll find a dog-friendly patio with beer garden-style picnic tables. The Ginger Armadillo food truck is parked outside every day (nights too!) ready to serve up a variety of comforting eats, including a crowd favorite—the brisket mac ‘n cheese.

A fun Sunday at the Austin Eastciders tap room, The Collaboratory. Photo © David Brendan Hall / www.davidhallphotog.com

Cider is available on draft, in cans, as well as in four-glass flights. Rotating flavors are part of the fun of visiting the tasting room. Every month, Austin Eastciders offers two new flavors. Out of the new flavors, one flavor is usually a brand-new offering and the other flavor is usually a rotating limited flavor. Cucumber cider and Ruby Red Grapefruit cider were the limited flavors during my visit, with Cucumber being an all-new flavor. Both provided a unique tasting experience, but my favorite was one of the signature flavors, the pineapple cider. Other signature, year-round flavors include Eastciders Original, Hopped, Texas Honey and Blood Orange. UPDATE: Austin Eastciders has now announced Ruby Red Grapefruit as their new flavor. Look for it in stores beginning Feb 26.

On a recent Saturday, a group from local Austin business, CRAFT were in the private meeting space at the Collaboratory crafting and planting succulents in Austin Eastciders cans. Courtesy photo

Dubbed a “collaboratory,” the new cider room, which opened in November 2017, is already serving as a space to foster community. On the Saturday I visited, a group from local Austin business, CRAFT were in the private meeting space out back. What were they doing? Crafting and planting succulents in Austin Eastciders cans, of course.

Though Austin Eastciders, which formed in 2013, has branched out (they’re now the No. 1 cider in New York City), collaborating with Texas-based businesses is a big part of the company’s mission. With oak barrels from local spirit companies, including Dulce Vida Tequila and Treat Oak, the cider company already makes a point to use as many local and Texas resources as possible, including honey from Baytown.

Tasting Room Manager, Marc Smith, says there’s already a lot of excitement surrounding this Austin cider. “I used to be a wine sommelier and people wouldn’t get as excited about a $2,000 bottle of wine as they do about the cider,” said Smith. “It’s a special thing.”

A busy schedule is on tap at Austin Eastciders, with regular live music, karaoke, open-mic and trivia nights. Photo © David Brendan Hall / www.davidhallphotog.com

Guests are invited to bring their own snacks to the tasting room and to play cornhole, darts or board games. “I like that we can bring our own food,” said Vanessa Fields, who visited the tasting room with a girls’ Meetup group. “I’m gluten free and very picky, so it makes it easier for me.”

A busy schedule is on tap for the Austin Eastciders tap room throughout the rest of the year. Live music gives the space different kind of flair on Sundays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays are reserved for open-mic night, and guests are invited to belt out music lyrics during karaoke every Thursday. Austin’s trivia group, Geeks Who Drink, regularly meet at the tasting room on Monday nights.

The Austin Eastciders Tap Room | 979 Springdale Road, Suite 130 | 78702

Cover photo © David Brendan Hall / www.davidhallphotog.com