#FoodieFriday: In Dallas, The Mexican Combines Authentic Culture and a Fine Dining Experience Not To Miss

by Amelia Yin on May 13, 2022 in Food+Drink, Dallas/Fort Worth,

Bringing authentic and dynamic cuisine inspired from Northern Mexico, The Mexican is now open for the ultimate fine-dining Mexican experience.

About The Mexican

The Mexican introduces a new approach to fine-dining with intimate, celebratory-like vibes to make their guests feel like el rey (the king) or la reina (the queen) of the night. Experience a romantic date or intimate social gathering in the heart of the Dallas Design District with genuine Mexican cuisine and luxury amenities. The Mexican offers traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation curated by head chef Rodrigo Lomeli. Guests will also find beautiful original Mexican tile work, ceramic fixtures, and intricate touches of blue and gold designed by Paulina Moran.

Each space in The Mexican offers pieces and regional artwork reflecting Mexican heritage that have been carefully selected by interior design professional Paulina Moran. Photo courtesy The Mexican

Once you walk into The Mexican, you will be met with a grand open bar. The restaurant also houses an elaborate cigar lounge and beautiful multi-level outdoor patio, perfect for enjoying a refreshing margarita to complement a warm summer day.

Margaritas and Cocteles (Cocktails)

There is much speculation on who crafted the first margarita in Mexico during the 1930s. Nonetheless, ordering an authentic margarita is a must-do at The Mexican. For a fruity starter drink, choose their original The Mexican, that offers a refreshing mixture of teremana blanco tequila, jalisco orange, and lime. If you’re feeling bold, try the El Rey for a spicy, but addicting combination of teremana blanco tequila, ancho reyes liqueur, jalapeño, and smoked chili bitters.

Guests are welcomed to enjoy their meal and drinks at the eye-catching open bar that is the heart of the restaurant. Photo courtesy The Mexican

On a par with their margaritas, this Dallas newcomer also offers an array of delicious cocktails. Try the Paloma de Ontoño for a unique combination of sweet and savory with teremana reposado, el cantinero chamoy, grapefruit, tamarindo, and lime. If you’re a whiskey lover, the Sabroso y Agrio will not disappoint you with its strong and smooth flavors curated from Maker’s Mark bourbon, amaro, tamarind, piloncillo and lime.

Enjoy a classic margarita or cocktail with your meal while looking at a view of the Dallas Design District. Photo courtesy The Mexican

The Menu

The Mexican offers a wide variety of options from land and sea, as well as vegetarian options. Similar to its captivating interior design, each dish serves impeccable visuals that makes you feel like you’re eating a piece of art. A must-try starter for seafood lovers is their Sea Bass Ceviche, a refreshing mixture of diced pineapple and assorted vegetables that is drizzled with salsa morita cremosa and rested on a bed of fresh cucumbers. If you’re looking for a meaty starter, try the Barbacoa de Arrachera, a hearty and juicy combination of slow cooked beef brisket and flank steak served with cilantro, white onions, salsa trece and corn tortillas.

The Sea Bass Ceviche is a must-try that boasts a refreshing flavor perfect for guests who want to start light. Photo courtesy The Mexican

To those who are looking to fulfill an authentic and comforting Mexican cuisine experience, be sure to order an enchilada or taco dish. Menu items of note include the Camarones Enchilada, a savory option served with sauteed Gulf shrimp, toasted garlic, grilled onions, Oaxaca cheese, then covered with a generous layer of queso fresco and salsa ranchera. The Filet and Bone Marrow Tacos are also a signature menu item with a savory setup of beef tenderloin, bone marrow, piquin limon, chives, onions and cilantro. 

The Filet and Bone Marrow Tacos are a signature menu item served with beef tenderloin and bone marrow and bone. This unusual dish allows guests to customize their own taco with fresh onions, chives and cilantro. Photo courtesy The Mexican

For dessert, choose the Campechana — even though it is almost too beautiful to eat. This dessert is beautifully designed with vanilla ice cream shaped like a cake and topped with flaky pastry. With each bite you will find a pleasant crunch of savory pistachio and sweet hints of caramel syrup. Another popular option among guests is the Cuatro Leches cake that is soaked in sweet Licor 43 cream and topped with assorted berries to add a refreshing taste with each delectable bite. You’ll definitely want to order an espresso after these sweet delights!

For dessert, try the Campechana, a sweet delight that is carefully crafted with vanilla ice cream, pistachio and topped with a flaky sweet pastry and cajeta quemada. Photo courtesy The Mexican

The Mexican: 1401 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

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Cover photo courtesy The Mexican

Amelia Yin is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a double major in Marketing and Global Business. A former editorial assistant at Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Yin enjoys spending her free time exploring new restaurants and attending local activities.