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by Amelia Yin on May 20, 2022 in Food+Drink,

La Stella Cucina Verace has officially made its debut in the heart of the Dallas Arts District led by Italian Chef Luigi Iannario. With an intimate setting and elegant décor, La Stella and its closely knitted team are dedicated to bringing the “verace,” or authentic Italian kitchen experience to Dallas. 

About La Stella Cucina Verace

Once you step foot into La Stella, be prepared to take an intimate journey honoring hospitality, good food, and wine, the hospi-Italian way. With seasonal menu offerings, La Stella ensures that their ingredients are fresh and high-quality to serve their guests with flavorful and hearty dishes that will make them feel as if they were in Italy. Executive Chef Luigi Iannuario has an extensive culinary background, having previously worked at L’Albereta, a three-star Michelin restaurant in the Italian Franciacorta area and at Da Mario Ristorante Authentico at The Star in Frisco. 

Curated by beverage director John Dal Canton, La Stella’s wine list is one of the largest Italian wine offerings in Texas and includes varietals and vintages from world-renowned producers inspired from Tuscany, Franciacorta, Piedmont, Abruzzo, and more. If you’re looking for cocktails, La Stella also offers a cocktail program inspired from Italy’s most famous recipes. Their June Second is a sweet, tart cocktail crafted with aperol, cynar, and infused with solerno blood orange liqueur and prosecco. A perfect drink for refreshing yourself during a warm spring or summer evening. La Stella’s signature cocktail is the Via Flora 23, which is crafted with Italian Malfy gin, Italicus lemon, and infused with a lush lavender flavor and topped with foamy egg white.

Chef Luigi Iannario is Italian born and raised and received his culinary degree in Milan. Chef Iannario has worked under famous chefs at L’Albereta, a three-star Michelin restaurant in the Italian Franciacorta area. (Photo courtesy Kathy Tran)

The Menu

Coupled with a well-executed menu and extensive wine list, La Stella is passionate about taking their guests on an exquisite culinary journey through the 20 regione (regions) of Italy. With each dish hailing from a different region, it is important to pair your meal with a wine that complements the rich and warm flavors of the dishes. Do not be afraid to ask your server for their recommendations on wine pairings as they are devoted to ensuring that your drink truly enhances the flavors of your meal. 

Begin your journey with an antipasto (appetizer), such as their Che Burrata that is made with burrata, sicilian sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, leeks, and garlic chips, which adds a pleasant crunch to each savory bite. La Stella also boasts an excellent Charcuterie Board that is paired with gnocco fritto, a fried fluffy pillow of dough with recipes originating from the region of Emilia-Romagna, found in the northern-central sector of Italy. On the board your taste buds will be thrilled to find mortadella, 30 months prosciutto di parma, coppa stagionata, sottocenere al tartufo, pecorino toscano, and gorgonzola. 

La Stella holds an extensive wine and cocktail program that includes varietals and vintages from world-renowned producers inspired from areas in Tuscany, Franciacorta, Piedmont, Abruzzo and more. (Photo courtesy Kathy Tran)

La Stella’s signature primi (first course) dishes include Agnolotti Pizzicati, a ossobuco filled agnolotti topped with a savory butter and sage sauce. Or try La Stella’s famous Astacus, which is carefully crafted with imported pasta from Gragnano Napoli complemented by fresh lobster, herbs and tomatoes. A perfect selection if you’re wanting a saporito (flavorful) dish without the heaviness. Their signature primi also includes a risotto that Chef Iannuario perfected while he was working under the three-star Michelin restaurant. Risotto Oro is inspired by Piemonte (the north-west sector of Italy) and holds visuals comparable to the gleam of the sun. Served with aged acquerello rice, spanish saffron, 36 months parmigiano reggiano, edible gold, and roasted bone marrow, your tongue would be delighted to try this rich combination. It is recommended to pair these dishes with an everyday red wine from Piemonte, Barbera d’Asti. 

You can never go wrong with ending an Italian course meal with tiramisu. Faby’s Tiramisu is created with a mascarpone mousse, espresso-soaked ladyfingers, and dark cocoa. (Photo courtesy Kathy Tran)

Although it is not required for guests to choose both a primo and secondo dish, Chef Iannuario excels in curating the rich flavors of his meat and seafood dishes. Secondi dishes of note include Cotoletta Di Vitello, a 13 oz bone-in veal that is breaded and pan fried in butter and sage, and ‘U Purp, a sous vide Mediterranean octopus that is charred to a perfect texture and tenderness. Chef Iannuario highly recommends adding extra lemon to enhance the richness of these dishes.

Indulge in an authentic Italian charcuterie board and gnocco fritto that includes mortadella, 30 months prosciutto di parma, coppa stagionata, sottocenere al tartufo, pecorino toscano, and gorgonzola. (Photo courtesy Kathy Tran)

Similar to their course dishes, La Stella will not disappoint you in their dessert selections. If you’re wanting a creamy and comforting delight, indulge in La Stella’s signature Faby’s Tiramisu. Or enjoy a sampler feast of gelato to cool yourself down on a warm spring or summer evening. After dessert, order an after-dinner drink such as a digestivo or espresso to aid in digestion and any sleepiness that may occur.

La Stella Cucina Verace: 2330 Flora St #150, Dallas, TX 75201

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Cover photo courtesy Kathy Tran


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