It’s Getting Kozy In Lakewood

by Adam Zoblotsky on February 15, 2019 in Food+Drink, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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Kozy Kitchen is determined to leave their own mark.

For more than 15 years, Kozy called their McKinney Avenue location home. Dallas-area regulars enjoyed dishes with names like Bowl of Doom and The Monster. The restaurant now resides in Lakewood, doubled in size—and they added a spacious patio.

Headlining the restaurant is executive chef Nicholas Pavageaux. His passion resembles a painter and his joy of culinary can be tasted in each bite. Eaters should rejoice in knowing breakfast is served all day. Equally impressive are the lunch and dinner menus. Plus, they maintain an extensive wine and craft beer lineup, which make this place a real hangout.

The Kozy house salsa. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

It’s worth noting for those in need of serious options for gluten-free cuisine, Kozy Kitchen should be in your rotation. My appetizer pick are the Buffalo nachos smothered in house salsa.

Stuffed French Toast packed with yogurt cream cheese. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

My breakfast pick angers me that I didn’t discover it earlier: Stuffed French Toast packed with yogurt cream cheese. Pasta pick is a tough one but, ultimately, I go back to Chef’s Cajun Pasta. Its generational good, it’s that good.

The infamous Kozy Bowl of Doom is a favorite with regulars. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

If there is a place that exists in Dallas with culinary creativity in a laid back environment, its Kozy Kitchen. Those that round the food circles should take note. Kozy rocks the plate.

Kozy Kitchen is located at 6400 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75214 ~ 214.219.5044

Cover photo Adam Zoblotsky

Adam Zoblotsky is Creative Director at Restaurant Pixel, a Texas-based design and photography agency.