For Your Dallas List: Mi Dia From Scratch

by Adam Zoblotsky on August 26, 2019 in Food+Drink, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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What’s on your list?

In a recent heated conversation amongst local aficionados, the topic was the importance of having a Top 5 list. Why only five? Turns out, it seems to be the perfect number when narrowing the options for Dallas’ version of the Tex-Mex debate. 

The reach of the Top 5 digs deeper, to include certain must-haves. They can range from margaritas to queso and guacamole to salsa.

Chef Gabriel DeLeon, Managing Partner of Mi Dia From Scratch blending spices to make guacamole.
Photo Adam Zoblotsky

It also turns out, many long-time locals had their “5” locked in years ago. Others continue to diligently explore. If you are an epicurean explorer, or simply new to our booming Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and curiosity is tickling at your taste buds, let me suggest Mi Dia From Scratch

Housemade tortillas are a staple at Mi Dia From Scratch. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning, at Mi Dia they serve freshly made tortillas, which seemingly is becoming a rarity. The menu is a blended ensemble, thoughtfully and skillfully created by a chef leading the way with his modern twist. Chef and Managing Partner Gabriel DeLeon has masterfully combined flavors indigenous to Mexico City and Santa Fe to form a menu that begs to be explored. 

Mexico city meets Santa Fe with the blended menu at Mi Dia From Scratch. Shown here, Duck Carnitas Enchiladas. Courtesy photo

If you haven’t tried Mi Dia From Scratch, you should. If they aren’t on your “5” they will be soon enough. And, great news: there are three area locations (Grapevine, Flower Mound and Plano) Time to start honing that Top 5!

Cover photo Adam Zoblotsky

Adam Zoblotsky is Creative Director at Restaurant Pixel, a Texas-based design and photography agency.