Five Minutes with Jake Hill, Hill Beverage Co. CEO and Founder

by Leean Vargas on May 24, 2024 in Food+Drink,

San Antonio native and Hill Beverage Co. CEO and Founder Jake Hill is bringing “new highs” to the cannabis community, quickly making a name for himself – gaining the trust of Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records. 

Do It Fluid is a hemp-infused beverage line that offers an alternative to traditional smoking through all-natural, high-quality ingredients that don’t sacrifice the high. 

The team takes pride in Do It Fluid’s ability to not only appeal to the pallets of traditional cannabis users, but non-traditional users through an enjoyable high. They’ve leaned heavily into natural sugars, fruit juices and flavors to promote a healthier lifestyle through the line – no after-guilt due to calorie or sugar consumption!

“As I take the next step forward in my smoking evolution, Hill Beverage Co.’s vision for cannabis beverages was the perfect transition,” said Snoop Dogg. “What we’ve created is an all-natural and delicious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the high, while providing fans with the perfect option for day or night.”

Do It Fluid truly is the perfect go-to for any drinking occasion, day or night. The line features THC and CBD infusions through four full-bodied flavors (Blue Razz, Blood Orange, Peaches N Honies + Cherry Limeade) in CBD-only (12 oz), as well as Delta-9 and THC (8 oz) blends. 

Jake Hill, Founder and CEO of Hill Beverage Co. Courtesy photo.

Jake Hill is no stranger to the cannabis industry, as he has extensive experience with more than a dozen cannabis-driven companies. “Taking my passion for cannabis and curating an all-natural high alternative for consumers that is both bold and fulfilling in flavor is a testament to the new direction the cannabis industry is heading,” said Jake Hill. “Our debut line alongside Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records is the perfect way to cement our brand within the cannabis and beverage space.”

Texas Lifestyle Magazine caught up with CEO and Founder Jake Hill to talk more about the brand and his passion for the cannabis industry.

Tell us how the San Antonio-based beverage company Hill Beverage Co. came about. 

I was born and raised here. I’ve always felt that my dream was to have my headquarters based in Texas after working over 14 years in multiple different industries.

Do It Fluid’s Full CBD Line. Courtesy photo.

What separates Do It Fluid from other hemp-infused beverage lines? 

The quality of our ingredients and the experience our team has. We know exactly what our users across all demographics expect based off being in this type of space for over a decade.

What should customers expect with Do It Fluid? 

They should expect an amazing experience when trying our products that provides them with a buzz or high that doesn’t have bad side effects like alcohol does. It’s designed to be a very light THC dose that begins effecting you within minutes providing our customer with an enjoyable user interface with this product, especially if they have never tried cannabis.

Snoop Dogg. Courtesy photo.

I’m a huge fan of Snoop Dogg as many are. How was it getting to partner with the music icon and his label Death Row Records? 

It was a surreal experience. He is truly amazing to work with, we connected on a personal level and are now working on several other projects. He has my personal phone number so we talk about every other day and it’s always so exciting. He truly is an icon with an amazing heart out to make a difference in the world where he can and I’m for it because that’s the way I live my life.

What are some of the physical and mental benefits of drinking Do It Fluid?

Physically, THC and CBD have been shown to reduce inflammation, especially on a chronic level. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of virtually all diseases in the world. Mentally, it depends on your mood, the endocannabinoid system is an interesting thing. Without going into too much detail of how the endocannabinoid system works, I would say it provides you with a consistent heightened mood of whatever setting you’re in. If you’re in a social setting you’ll feel happy, sociable, and possibly uplifted. Please keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to these products as everyone’s genetic makeup is different which plays a huge role in how your body processes cannabinoids.

My favorite Do It Fluid flavor is the Blood Orange (it tastes like orange soda to me, which I love). Is there a particular flavor that’s your favorite or you find to be most popular with others? 

I love the peaches and honies as it’s highly refreshing to me, but I do love all of the drinks and it seems that everyone tends to have their own favorite amongst the brands which is highly encouraging. Thank you for trying! 

Snoop Dogg enjoying the Blue Razz flavor. Courtesy photo.

What “future highs” are you striving for Do It Fluid to reach in the ever-evolving cannabis industry? 

We are expanding our brand with additional products to really emphasize a new approach on healthy living, making it accessible to everyone, especially impoverished areas. People need to know that these products exist and that there is a healthier way to socialize or just get some steam off. There are so many applications to this product. It’s like your unofficial A-Z fix in a can. We truly stand behind this product and are excited to introduce cannabis in a new way to everyone, especially as it becomes more accepted and accessible.


Cover photo courtesy Hill Beverage Co.

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