Landmark Prime Rib Celebrates 100 Years of Fine Dining in Dallas

by Martin Ramirez on May 17, 2024 in Food+Drink,

Prime rib. It’s one of the most succulent cuts of meat that reflects a certain aura of celebration or high-brow fine dining reminiscent of Roaring ‘20s cuisine. 

It’s a dish steeped in American tradition with long ties to the history and culture of Dallas, Texas. It’s this very notion of old-world charm that The Landmark Prime Rib, located at the historic Warwick Melrose – Dallas hotel, celebrates with a fusion of rich tradition and modern flair.

To better understand the significance of this dish, The Landmark Prime Rib and The Warwick Melrose Dallas, Executive Chef Patrick McElroy sat down with Texas Lifestyle Magazine to discuss the magic within these hundred-year old walls.

Chef Patrick next to the Landmark’s vintage cart from 1940s California, now restored to blend nostalgia with modernity. Photo courtesy The Landmark Prime Rib.

Can you describe to us the significance of prime rib for the restaurant and the city of Dallas?

Dallas is a city that is world renowned for its steakhouses and proud Texas flair. We believe there is a huge opportunity to embrace the steakhouse essence while looking at it through the lens of a special occasion. Prime rib is synonymous with holidays, social affairs, weddings and ultimate luxury, yet we feel it should be a year-round experience. Our restaurant reflects those sentiments very well, both in aesthetics as well as the significant history this hotel and restaurant have had in Dallas over the many years.

The prime rib is an interactive experience featuring the chef carving out a preferred cut from the 1940s vintage cart. Photo courtesy The Landmark Prime Rib.

How does the menu reflect the tradition and history of the Warwick Hotel and what other elements do you incorporate?

We have taken a sophisticated yet unstuffy approach to our menu with contemporary dishes like our seabass with gremolata and butternut squash puree contrasting other offerings like a classic shrimp cocktail, or our famed beef tenderloin that is prepared simply and with the finest ingredients. We believe in the timeless traditions of our hotel while embracing the subtle changes we have seen in the century of being in Dallas.

Chef Patrick honors each dish with a respect for pure ingredients. Photo courtesy The Landmark Prime Rib.

Can you tell us about your culinary journey? What brought you to Landmark? What’s your vision for the future of the restaurant?

I began, as most, in my youth years washing dishes at a seasonal fresh fish takeaway with nearly unlimited access to freshly caught blue crab, day boat scallops out of Cape May, New Jersey, and some of the finest produce available in the Garden State. After working my way through the ranks, I found myself immersed in scratch Italian, French and new age Americana cuisine through my early 20s. Seeking to expand my knowledge and versatility, I joined the corporate culinary world of hotels the majority of my career since moving to Dallas in 2008. I joined the Landmark and Melrose Hotel as executive Chef in 2015, where we were able to capture the essence of what then was a Nuevo-Americana style menu that featured daily catches, local meats, and artisanal approach to the cuisine. I find myself back at the helm of the Landmark restaurant with the new vision and concept of Prime Rib centric operations with amazing supporting cast members on the menu. We have updated all the décor to match the concept while still maintaining the charm that the Landmark and Melrose Hotel are known for.

Nestled in the vibrant Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, the Warwick Melrose hotel stands as a timeless relic amid a bustling cosmopolitan area. Photo Martin Ramirez.

Are there any additional interesting facts you’d like to share about the restaurant and hotel?

The Warwick Melrose is celebrating its 100th year.  The Landmark Prime Rib Restaurant joins the new amenities at Warwick Melrose that include our new pillarless ballroom and our European inspired Le Spa offering a full range of massage, body and facial products.  With regards to the restaurant directly, the Private Dining Table located in The Landmark Prime Rib’s private dining room is original to the hotel that we restored after finding it in a closet. Its storied past includes placement throughout the decades in different parts of the hotel and before Warwick Melrose was a hotel, it lived in multiple different apartments.

Desserts like the Crème Brulé are sure to delight. Photo Martin Ramirez.

Eat Where Tradition Meets Innovation

 In addition to an elegant dining room, The Landmark Prime Rib boasts an alluring 22-person private room perfect for any wedding, birthday or corporate dinner. This “Sanctuary of Sophistication” is adorned with iconic Dallas photos and complemented by majestic velvet curtains and a century-old, elegantly restored table. Or clash a glass of wine or a perfectly mixed cocktail in the main area, where you can witness Chef Patrick and team carve a perfectly cooked cut of prime rib from the restored vintage cart. Indulge in a myriad of delectable sides such as the Truffle Mac and Cheese and finish it off with an extravagant Bread Pudding or Crème Brulé. Dinner opens at 5 p.m. for dinner every day. Book your table here.

In addition to Prime Rib, Chef Patrick creates seasonal, limited time dishes, like the Cast Iron Prime Ribeye, for special occasions. Photo courtesy The Landmark Prime Rib.


 Cover Photo Courtesy The Landmark Prime Rib

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