Karbach Brewing, Changing the Beer Landscape One Brew at a Time

by Gabi De la Rosa on August 15, 2019 in Food+Drink, Drink, Houston,
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Craving a beer after your long run in the Texas heat? Want a brew post-workout, but don’t want to destroy your gains?

Karbach Brewing continues to create and innovate, keeping their rotation of beers in line with what consumers want and, in this case, it is a low-calorie beer that is full of flavor instead of calories.

We sat down with Eric Warner, brewmaster for Karbach Brewing to get the scoop on the latest beer from this Texas staple.

What makes this low-calorie beer different?

Game Changer is like no other low-calorie beer because it actually has some flavor. So many low-calorie beers are thin and watery, but Game Changer has some body… The turmeric and salts we added make it more than just a low-calorie beer; it’s truly for those who are looking looking for “better for you” ingredients.

Did you have a target calorie count in mind when making it?

When we were perfecting the formula for Game Changer, we really wanted to come in at less than 100 calories. That really is the magic number when it comes to low-calorie beers.

Introducing Game Changer, Karbach’s robust low calorie beer. Photo courtesy Karbach Brewing

How did you ensure Game Changer has a robust flavor, despite its low ABV?

It’s important to keep in mind that any beer that’s as low in ABV and calories as Game Changer will not have the full, robust mouthfeel that an IPA or barley wine will, but we brewed Game Changer with a high percentage of malt to add extra body. The berry flavor also gives the impression that this is a full-flavored brew.

Why turmeric?

We really wanted this beer to be something that drinkers would view as a ‘replenishment’ beverage and turmeric contains a compound (curcumin) that is regarded as having anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also has a whole host of other wellness benefits.

How long has Game Changer been in the works?

We sort of backed into Game Changer! We’ve been working on trying to come up with a no/low alcohol beer and had come up with some prototypes that were more IPA-like that were okay, but not what we were striving for. We recognized that the health and wellness trends are permeating into beer and we started looking at wellness as more than just low alcohol. The momentum really started accelerating as we thought about creating a brew that folks could turn to after a workout for replenishment.

Karbach Brewing is a Texas favorite that has been around since 2011. Take a tour of the brewery, have a beer or pop in for a tasty meal. Photo courtesy Karbach Brewing

Aside from a good workout, what does Game Changer pair well with? 

One of the things we discovered is that it’s not just the workout crowd who appreciates Game Changer. Somebody may want a beer with lunch and Game Changer is a perfect answer if a full afternoon of work still lies ahead. Game Changer is also perfect for the hot Texas summers, for the consumer who wants something light and refreshing that can be drunk in the heat of the day without feeling the effects of alcohol.  As far as pairing with food goes, it is perfect for light summer dishes like seafood, salads and grilled veggies.

Is Game Changer going to be a seasonal beer or available all the time?

We are planning on Game Changer being available year-round, and even though its light, refreshing character may be ideally suited to summer, we expect it will also be a go-to for folks looking to reduce caloric intake and replenish while enjoying a beer any time of the year.

Cover photo John Arano on Unsplash

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