A Spirited Holiday Gift Guide

by The Elves at Texas Lifestyle Magazine on December 20, 2017 in Food+Drink, Drink, Gift Guides, Lifestyle,
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Get yourself and your guests or hosts in the holiday party spirit with these picks. From wallet-friendly to top shelf, we’ve got the toast for you!


Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Inspired by the American tattoo legend Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, this is a Caribbean Rum blended with 100% natural spices and flavors. It embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum’s namesake who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.”  Sailor Jerry is a straight-up, no nonsense, old-school rum, blended the way it should be—bold and smooth.

Ancho Verde

Like the Original Ancho Reyes, Ancho Verde brings the imaginative spirit of Mexico to life—and to the glass—using the beloved poblano chile. Remarkably, while both products are made using the poblano chile, some slight shifts in the production process yield distinctly different flavor experiences; both naturally spicy, Original is characterized as warm, rich and sweet, whereas Verde is fresh, bright and herbal.

Hendrick’s Gin

Not since the mid-19th century and the beginning of gentrified gin has there been quite such a stir amongst tipplers of this wonderful beverage. With its distinctive blend of botanicals, its signature infusion of cucumber and rose petals and its pioneering distillation technique, Hendrick’s Gin has captivated the attention of bartenders and bon vivants across the nation, thanks to a number of curious and unusual twists.

Cider Cask

From Tullamore D.E.W., the original triple distilled, triple blend Irish whiskey. This new sophisticated spirit is a marriage between the craft of small-batch cider-making and Tullamore D.E.W’s legendary whiskey. This soon-to-be your new seasonal favorite, is the first whiskey to be finished in hard apple cider casks giving it a taste as rich as it looks with a lovely balance of oak, creamy malt and subtle fruitiness.

Ben Milam Whiskey

For the discerning whiskey drinker, Ben Milam single-barrel Bourbon and 80 proof Ben Milam Rye are distinctive gifts and true sipping whiskeys. Ben Milam bourbon won Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and comes from a limited production, high-quality whiskey distillery located in Blanco, Texas.


Un-aged joven mezcal that has been meticulously crafted to achieve perfect balance and complexity by boldly integrating all the notes that mezcal has to offer: the green notes from the agave botanicals, the sweet and caramel-like notes from the roasted piñas, the fruity and pungent notes obtained by complex fermentation, and finally the smoke notes that come from the pit.

Hudson’s Maple Cask Rye Whiskey

The first whiskey made in New York since the end of Prohibition has established itself as a pioneer of the craft spirits movement by taking a fresh approach to the historic rye whiskey through a partnership with Vermont-based Woods Syrup. Now, after aging their maple syrup in Hudson bourbon casks, the maple tapper sends back his maple syrup-cured casks, which the Hudson Whiskey team fills with rye whiskey to rest for an additional four months to allow the flavors inside to blend.

Glenfiddich Project XX

The second installment in the Experimental Series, a new range that combines the brand’s passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries and collaborating with trailblazers from the whisky world and beyond. Project XX is the result of collaboration between 20 whisky experts and Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman. The final flavor profile defied even Brian’s expectations with its refined and balanced flavor with a cotton candy sweetness and a rich vanilla oakiness.

Flor de Caña Centenario 25

For over 125 years this family-owned, award-winning Nicaraguan rum has been produced using a Single Estate production process to ensure the highest quality. Flor de Caña Centenario 25 is an ultra-premium rum featuring an elegant deep amber color. It has an aroma that integrates vanilla, wood and dark cocoa notes, which mingle smoothly on the palate with fruity, nutty and caramel notes, with a pleasant and long-lasting touch of sweetness. Centenario 25 is crafted for spirits connoisseurs who appreciate the highest quality and appreciates long standing traditions.

The team at Texas Lifestyle Magazine asks that you please drink responsibly.