#TXBites: Austin Tex-Mex Favorite, Trudy’s Reopens North Star Location

by Gracie Watt on September 24, 2021 in Food+Drink, Drink, Austin,

Changes are cooking up at this authentic Tex-Mex Austin staple.

Trudy’s North Star location reopened on Burnet Road in August, with beautiful remodels and updated creations by new chef, Julian RodarteChef Rodarte has revamped the restaurant’s menu to add new and exciting flavor combinations. However, he understands the importance of preserving fan-favorites, as the restaurant has gained a loyal following for staples like their in-house Smoked Brisket Beef Tinga and fresh masa corn tortillas, and of course, Trudy’s Classic Queso.

Trudy’s has been an Austin institution since 1977, serving authentic Tex-Mex recipes and inventive cocktails from day one. This is where Austinites come for genuinely good food and a good time. Photo Adriana Herrera

“Many people have beloved memories from Trudy’s, and I am excited to be part of a team that will foster and create those great memories for many more years to come,” says Chef Rodarte.

For the chef, Trudy’s holds a personal connection as well. “My parents met working in restaurants here, in Austin, and have their own Trudy’s stories from over 30 years ago,” Chef Rodarte says, voicing his memories of the past and his hopes for the future.

Trudy’s makes delicious, authentic Tex-Mex recipes from scratch, and they’re not shy about portions. When you come to Trudy’s, you know you’ll be served the recipes you love at a reasonable price. Photo Adriana Herrera

And memories were certainly being created at the opening event, with delicious samples being passed around, such as the vegetarian and chicken Flaquities, Cholula Honey Candied Bacon Guac, Mahi and Shrimp Ceviche Tostada and Stuffed Brisket and Chicken Avocados. 

A lively buffet also featured Trudy’s house-smoked brisket, chicken and jalapeño sausage, and options of cheesesteak, chicken, or fried mahi mahi tacos available. Additionally, Trudy’s has brought back the Chorizo-Stuffed Chicken—discontinued years ago but now revamped—with sauteed vegetables, pico, avocado slices, and queso cotija, served with rice and a choice of beans. 

Refreshing drinks such as the Tex-Mex Margarita and the Star of Texas are fan favorites at Trudy’s. More drink options include a Smoky Mezcal, a Strawberry Frita, a Cuban Mojito and more. Photo Amy Dennis

If reading that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, they also had a refreshing selection of cocktails, as the beverage menu got a makeover as well. Come in or enjoy a drink on the remodeled outdoor dining patio, where you can choose from alcoholic options such as the Star of Texas and Austin’s Largest Mexican Martini.

Trudy’s Loaded Queso is made with refried beans, classic queso, ground beef, avo salsa, sour cream, pickled jalapeños, pico and queso cotija. Yum!
Photo Amy Dennis

Walking into the newly designed building, the atmosphere of comfort and family is still very present. It will still be your neighborhood spot. And, Trudy’s is for all people of all ages! Whether it’s your first legal cocktail, a family celebration, a birthday or any event, Trudy’s atmosphere makes all feel welcome. Trudy’s says it best, “Authentic, homemade Tex-Mex is what put us on the map, but it’s the people who make Trudy’s the true star that it is.”

So, next time you ask the question, “What’s for dinner?,” let Trudy’s be the answer– you won’t regret it.  

Trudy’s North Star Location: 8820 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78704  

Packed into Trudy’s Cheesesteak Tacos you’ll find fajita beef, cheese crusted tortilla, onions, peppers, pickled jalapeños, bacon and chipotle ranch. Perfect for meat lovers! Photo Amy Dennis

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Cover photo courtesy Amy Dennis 

Gracie Watt is the Editorial Intern at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and a senior at St. Edward’s University in Austin, studying Journalism. When she’s not writing, Watt enjoys singing, playing the guitar and doing volunteer work. @graciethatgirl