#TXBites: Austin’s Honey Moon Spirit Lounge is an Exquisite, Ethereal Escape

by Leean Vargas on July 23, 2021 in Food+Drink, Drink, Austin,

Escape from your usual day-to-day life and enter into this French antique-inspired world of green velvet walls, red furniture, black marble tables and gorgeous crystal chandeliers.

As soon as you step inside Honey Moon Spirit Lounge, you’re transported to an exquisite, ethereal dream. Located in a neighborhood just south of Hyde Park on 34th Street in Austin, Texas, Honey Moon was created when Austinites Adrienne Wiggins and Reed Calhoun (a 25-year hospitality veteran, with years at Enoteca Vespaio and Homeslice Pizza) were planning their wedding. The couple had to put their marriage plans aside due to COVID and, hence, created their own Honey Moon Spirit Lounge.

Located in an Austin neighborhood just south of Hyde Park on 34th Street, Honey Moon Spirit Lounge transports you to an exquisite ethereal dream.
Photo Cassandra Klepac Photography

French-inspired World

The jewel tones, dramatic lighting and antiques create a dreamy and fancy yet inviting atmosphere. The antiques were carefully collected from all over central Texas, sourced from Round Top, La Grange and New Braunfels. 

The outdoor spacious patio deck is cute and classy, and also dog-friendly, so no need to leave your pooch at home. The patio is more like a casual brunch feel compared to inside.

The outdoor spacious patio deck at Honey Moon Spirit Lounge is cute, classy and also dog-friendly. Photo Cassandra Klepac Photography

Light Bites

The lounge serves playful, creative dishes by Executive Chef Manuel Rocha. Start with some light bites like the East Coast Oysters that taste so clean and fresh. (My dining companion said she’s never had oysters as good.) I loved how they were filled with smoke to give that extra smokey flavor and fresh earthy taste. Tip: When they ask if you want fries with the oysters, just say yes!

The Honey Moon Spirit Lounge oysters were filled with smoke, giving them an extra smokey flavor and fresh earthy taste. Photo Cassandra Klepac Photography

Embrace your inner Francophile and try the Chicken Liver Mousse. It’s so beautifully plated it’ll be hard to eat at first. Grab a big spoon full to get all the flavors, eat it with a string bean, and dip the toasted sourdough bread in the dates. (The dates really bring out the chicken flavor.)

At Honey Moon, grab a big spoon full of the Chicken Liver Mousse to get all the flavors, eat it with a string bean, and dip the toasted sourdough bread in the dates. Photo Leean Vargas

The Mains

For mains, you can’t go wrong with something classic like the Texas Wagyu Burger, or the Seoul Hot Chicken which is packed with spice. Prepare for your tongue to tingle. 

The Chicken Confit is another great classic Southern dish. The wild mushroom sauce supreme is what defines this whole plate. The chicken is delicious and juicy, and wouldn’t taste the same without that star sauce. 

The wild mushroom sauce defines the Chicken Confit dish at Honey Moon. Delicious and juicy, the chicken wouldn’t taste the same without the star sauce.
Photo Leean Vargas

Dare to Drink Different

To wash it all down, try the Old School Old Fashioned, which is everything you’d expect it to be. For the peeps that dare to drink differently, I suggest the Wet Your Beak In The Stream. This drink is for pickle lovers, as it contains pickle brine. The alcohol is so strong it’s a punch in the face.

To wash all that tasty food down, try the Old School Old Fashioned, or the Wet Your Beak In The Stream, just two of the fun cocktails at Honey Moon.
Photo Cassandra Klepac Photography

Far From Regular

On top of the elevated comfort food and creative craft cocktails, the French antique-inspired interior is what makes Honey Moon Spirit Lounge stand out from regular lounges. When I step into Honey Moon, I feel like royalty, almost like a Queen. 

Honey Moon was created out of love, for love, and is meant to be loved by the community. It’ll quickly become your new favorite spot and go-to place to show off to out-of-town friends. 

Honey Moon Spirit Lounge: 624 W 34th St, Austin, TX

Photo Cassandra Klepac Photography

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Cover photo courtesy Cassandra Klepac Photography

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