Yelp Approved: Best Taco Spots to Visit on National Taco Day

by Maddie Rhodes on October 4, 2022 in Food+Drink,

Yelp rounded up 100 of the best taco spots in the country, and some of them are near you. Listed below are the ones in Texas that made the Top 100. So celebrate in style with some of the state’s best tacos on National Taco Day.


#4: Granny’s Tacos in Austin

Photo courtesy Granny’s Tacos

Home to some of the best breakfast tacos in Austin, Granny’s Tacos doesn’t disappoint with their specialty menu.

#10: Mami Coco in Dallas

Photo courtesy Miami Coco

This hidden gem is inexpensive and mouth wateringly delicious. Try their street tacos if you’re looking for a quick bite.

#18: Tranky’s Tacos in Dallas

Photo courtesy Tranky’s Tacos

You’ll be hungry just looking at the menu. If you’re craving a ‘made from scratch’ taco, this is the place.

#45: Fish Company Taco in Galveston

Photo courtesy Fish Company Taco

Best fish tacos by the water. They have anything from Gulf shrimp to vegan tacos.

#51: Sangria On the Burg in San Antonio

Photo courtesy Sangria on the Burg

This place is not just known for their sangrias, although you might as well grab a drink while you’re trying their Smoked Brisket or Hawaiian Pork Taco. 

#54: Cuantos Tacos in Austin

Photo courtesy Cuantos Tacos

Their two bite tacos are worth ordering more. The menu comes per taco. The best part is if you can’t decide with their large taco menu, you can order different flavors!

#56: Taqueria Nuevo Leon in Carrollton

Photo courtesy Taqueria Nuevo Leon

Authentic street tacos where their Trompo Tacos are for 99 cents on Taco Tuesdays, but still to die for any other day of the week.

#64: La Lupita Taco Restaurant in Houston

Photo courtesy La Lupita Taco Restaurant

Each order comes with five praised tacos. Indecisive? Don’t worry, with the Mosaico you can choose the five you want.

#66: Titas Taco House in Humble

Photo courtesy Titas Taco House

Whether you’re looking for breakfast tacos or a filling lunch, you can stand in the line and get whatever you want. And of course, get back up and grab more. 

#79: Yellow City Street Food in Amarillo

Photo courtesy Yellow City Street Food

Made with local ingredients and vegan friendly, Yellow City Street Food makes tacos you didn’t even know existed.

#84: Tacos Doña Lena in Houston

Photo courtesy Tacos Doña Lena

This authentic restaurant made the Top 100 Restaurants to Eat in the US in 2021, and they’re back on the list again with their tasty tacos. 

#85: The Taco King in Houston

Photo courtesy The Taco King

Don’t let a food truck fool you, people on Yelp swear by these tacos. Five tacos come on a plate. While their prices are inexpensive, their portions are big. 

#90: Flavia’s Kitchen in Austin

Photo courtesy Flavia’s Kitchen

These tacos come from just about the cutest food truck you’ll find. While you’re stopping by, try their green salsa. 

#94: Cinco De Mayo Taqueria in Spring

Photo courtesy Cinco De Mayo Taqueria

While this food truck is a little bit off the beaten path, the truck sits next to hanging lights and picnic tables you can eat under after you order.


Cover photo Jeswin Thomas

Maddie Rhodes is a graduate student at Syracuse University. She aspires to work for a travel magazine when she graduates.