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School is in session and most families are living in the fast lane, so Dr. Giasi uses the most advanced technology and materials to make the process of getting braces for kids and teens faster than the wildflowers grow.


Every patient’s smile is as unique as the hundreds of species of wildflowers roaming our earth, and determining the best orthodontic treatment for your child’s needs can be tricky. Sometimes, obvious signs are present, such as protruding teeth, unusual spacing, or crowding. Other times, your child may show subtle signs and symptoms that only an orthodontic expert can detectbut even small orthodontic problems can cause major issues down the road if not addressed correctly. Wildflower Orthodontics offers four different types of braces to help your confidence bloom: Damon metal braces, Damon clear braces, traditional metal braces, and traditional clear braces.

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Damon Metal Braces vs. Damon Clear Braces

Damon metal braces are an incredible, advanced system that only a Damon-certified orthodontist can provide. The brackets are smaller, and because there aren’t ligatures, they’re easier to clean. Damon clear braces are just like Damon metal braces, but these make your smile the star instead of your braces. And because the brackets are made of clear ceramic, they are nearly invisible, which makes for a more subtle treatment choice.

Traditional Metal Braces vs. Traditional Clear Braces

Metal braces are not only less expensive, but also a tried-and-true solution when it comes to giving you incredible results. Most insurance companies cover traditional braces, making it an even more economical option. Clear braces are a tad more expensive than traditional metal braces, but they work in the exact same waythe key difference is that they’re clear!  It’s important when you have clear braces to avoid drinking too many beverages that aren’t clear, as the brackets can easily get stained, negating the clear effect.


Invisalign is an amazing technology that’s been around since the early 2000s. Since then, it’s literally changed the way people think about their smiles. It’s even given those who were previously too self-conscious to treat their teeth the courage and confidence to take the leap and do it. Invisalign is more expensive, but the freedom many patients feel when wearing Invisalign custom clear aligners is worth it. It’s easier to keep your teeth clean. You can eat and drink whatever you want. You get new aligners every 2 weeks (or as directed by Dr. Giasi). Not to mention, Dr. Giasi is a top 1% Invisalign & Invisalign Teen provider, which means you’ll get the best possible treatment results in his expert care.

Invisalign Teen

A few years ago, Invisalign wasn’t really recommended for teens. Now, things have changed. Invisalign has come out with an entire system of custom clear aligners that were made for teens. What’s great about this option is that it includes little indicators on the aligners that tell the wearer if they’ve been wearing their aligners the right way and for the right amount of time. Plus, they even have cool indicator stickers teens can put on their aligners to make them even more unique and fun. And, as mentioned before, Dr. Giasi is a top 1% Invisalign Teen provider, so you can feel 100% confident entrusting him with your mini me’s smile.

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The More You Know, The More You Grow

Your little Wildflower is still blooming. They might not even have all their adult teeth yet, so why take them to an orthodontist now?  Put simply, age 7 evaluations are preventative and often save families a lot of time and money down the line.

While beginning orthodontic treatment at age 7 is preferred, orthodontic care is not just for kids. Around 20% of people who wear braces are adults. They can be highly effective even after your permanent teeth have come in.

Orthodontic treatment helps make your bite more comfortable, makes it easier to brush and floss, and helps balance the muscles in your face. The self-esteem benefits are priceless. Wildflower Orthodontics accepts insurance & Medicaid, helps you design your own payment plan, offers 0% interest payment plans, and even provides a 5% discount for active military and veterans. This locally owned practice works with you and your budget in all ways to ensure that you can afford the smile you’ve always wanted. After all, everyone deserves a great smile, and everyone should be able to afford it, too.

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More than your smiles will blossom at Wildflower Orthodonticsyour confidence will, too. Book your free consultation at Wildflower Orthodontics today.


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